Convenience is the new loyalty

Automate customer service interactions and deliver a faster, more effortless personalised experience than ever before. AI powered chatbots empower customers to easily interact with organisations via speech, messaging and visual interfaces.

FourNet work with the world’s leading experts in enterprise-grade Artificial Intelligence to transform your Customer Experience. We’ve partnered with the UK’s most advanced and agile chatbot sector specialists to ensure your adoption of AI is streamlined and efficient and delivers a fast return on your investment.

Customers' Channel of Choice

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Key Statistics


of all customers

81% of all customers attempt to take care of matters themselves before reaching out to a live representative - Harvard Business Review


customer interactions

70% of customer interactions will involve chatbots, ML and mobile messaging - Gartner


well designed bots

80% of customer interactions can be resolved by well-designed bots - Accenture


spent more on more bots

50% of enterprise will spend more on bots than traditional mobile app development by 2021 - Gartner


want easier access

60% of consumers want easier access to self-serve solutions for customer service - Ovum


interactions via voice

25% of employee interactions with applications will be via voice by 2023, up from under 3 percent in 2019 ¬- Gartner


digital workers

25% of digital workers will use Virtual Assistants daily by 2021 - Gartner


higher spend by consumers

17% higher spend by consumers to get outstanding customer service - AMEX

How does it work?

For self-service to work effectively, it must replicate what a great Customer Service agent would do to provide a seamless user experience. An agent will have access to many different applications where they can retrieve information, follow processes, perform transactions, update the relevant systems and record the interaction.

Our solutions become a central hub for inter-connecting disparate systems. Utilising Open API’s we enable the chatbot to integrate with all relevant business applications such as your ERP, CRM and Contact Centre systems, as well as sector specific applications.

Our AI powered platforms are trained to access the information required to answer customer queries from documents, knowledge bases, databases, product manuals, business applications such as CRM & Service Desk. Machine Learning allows the chatbot to continuously improve from customer interactions.

Getting started

FourNet will work with you to identify and prioritise the issues you want to automate using chatbots.

  • We’ll help you build the business case to demonstrate the ROI and help you define SMART goals to measure the success of the project.
  • We’ll share our sector specific templates that can streamline the initial creation of your knowledge base.
  • We can work with you to define the identity and user interface for your chatbot: creating the digital face of your organisation. We’ll train you on how to use our visual conversation designer, so you can build complex workflows with low-code / no-code required.
  • We’ll support your supervisors and users to give them access to a rich set of monitoring tools, analytics and reports, that enable you to effectively monitor and manage automated services and live services in one place.
  • We’ll work with you to continually monitor and improve the platform and look at how you can expand AI functionality across your business, ensuring you continually reduce costs, whilst increasing customer satisfaction.

Artificial Intelligence Applied: Sector Specific Solutions

Chatbots are saving housing providers money and employee time by streamlining repairs and maintenance. From fault diagnosis and suggested resolutions, to booking or modifying appointments, sending reminders, confirmations and tracking estimated arrival times; chatbots are improving the customer experience, reducing wasted appointments and saving money.

Utilities customers are using chatbots to respond to customer account and billing queries. Chatbots are saving utilities companies untold agent hours by managing appointments with customers for necessary installations, repairs or routine maintenance; the bot can proactively book or modify appointments, send reminders and confirmations, track estimated arrival times and thereby reduce wasted appointments.

Chatbots can take up non-complex banking tasks such as processing payments or handling simple transactions and can provide information on banking products, accounts or actions; helping the customer monitor spend, review account information, and more.

Chatbots can help customers fill in forms and applications, and can direct them to help pages or give basic answers, and then connect them to a live agent if their issues are more difficult to solve. Chatbots can also be used to send important notifications and alerts to customers.

Chatbots or virtual assistants can help doctors to instantly provide answers on medication, dosages, standards, and more. Government sponsored chatbots have helped ease pressure on the NHS during the pandemic by providing interactive, up-to-the-minute advice via WhatsApp, web browsers or other social channels.