How FourNet helps with Cybersecurity

Both public and private sector organisations find their digital attack surface expanding exponentially, thanks to today’s rapid digitisation and hybrid working patterns. Remote working creates the need to deliver and protect entirely new networks and end-point devices. This creates a significant challenge in securing this ever-moving perimeter and the sheer volume of alerts creates an extensive backlog of tasks for analysts to assess, investigate, and resolve. It’s a significant problem for many security teams.

Add to this the ever-evolving threat landscape, and the time needed to constantly monitor, evaluate and update security across an organisation and it becomes clear why many security teams are struggling to keep pace.

Working with you to keep your data, your employees, your customers, and your reputation secure.

Our 7 Stage Approach to Cybersecurity

FourNet leverage cutting-edge technologies, intelligent automation, and advanced analytics, matched with our industry leading cybersecurity experts to help organisations protect themselves from the ever-evolving cybersecurity threat. We work collaboratively with customers to understand current capabilities, diagnose a plan of action to remediate any existing vulnerabilities and then provide managed security services to ensure you remain secure.

Powered by market-leading technology, our state-of-the-art SOC provides round-the-clock monitoring, incident response, and threat intelligence services. Our team of experienced cybersecurity professionals works in unison with your organisation, utilising advanced tools and methodologies to swiftly detect, analyse, and mitigate threats. We augment your existing capabilities, ensuring a seamless integration that optimises your cybersecurity posture.


It is essential that any organisation using technology today, understand their cyber risk and their ability handle a cyber-attack should the worst happen. FourNet’s cybersecurity assessments enables organisations to get a total review of their Cybersecurity. Approaching cybersecurity not just as technical issue, our methodology revolves around three key elements, people, process and technology.


We help organisations develop a comprehensive and actionable cyber incident plan. With the ever-growing number of security incidents in the media reporting attacks ranging from ransomware and sensitive data theft, it’s essential to have a well thought out plan. But without the right expertise, even knowing where to start and deciding what scenarios you need to plan for can be a challenge. Do you have the right expertise and resources as well as the right tools for the plan to be effective? That’s where FourNet can help.


The need to support the new hybrid working model is paramount to organisations today. We must protect our applications, our users as well as the devices they are working from, and we shouldn’t compromise on security.

The ability to proactively protect the organisation and gain insight into security and compliance performance clearly can create an immense competitive advantage. Leave the ongoing surveillance of your cybersecurity to the experts. Creating time for you to adapt and minimise costs, and never lose focus on your business mission and purpose.


FourNet help defend your organisation through our team of in-house security experts and powerful technology, constantly monitoring your systems 24/7, so you don’t have to. Our service acts as an early warning system, focusing our attention on the issues that could indicate the beginning of an attack or some anomalous activities.

The service focuses on providing SOC services and managing the SIEM platform together with various Tiers available for the management, alerting, triage, investigation, and remediation.


People are now the key vulnerability for organisatiions, with human error now causing an estimated 95% of cybersecurity breaches. Equip your team with the knowledge and expertise to operate securely with education, simulations and practice that goes beyond the traditional cybersecurity training. We provide proactive organisation-wide security awareness and the tools to track your progress and vulnerability.


Our monitoring capabilities allow us to scan domains for any stolen credentials related to your organisation, feeding alerts into our security operations centre. The aim is to locate the source of the alert and reduce the impact of any breach, and ultimately promote better cyber hygiene and more secure practices. By tackling the issue head on, we can reduce the impact and over time any future occurrences.


Increasingly organisations are facing more and more challenges around keeping their organisations secure and dealing with the impact of a cyber incident, be that the very beginning of an attack, a full-scale attack that is compromising an organisation or just something doesn’t feel right, and you need a second opinion and specialist experts on hand to give you peace of mind.

FourNet provide a 24/7 hotline for cyber related issues like these, giving you access to an expert security team so if the worst does happen you have the specialists on hand to limit the impact to the business and your customers.

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The FourNet Difference

FourNet offers comprehensive cybersecurity solutions that help protect your organisation and people at every point of potential threat. When combined, our services and solutions – which begin with a comprehensive understanding of your organisation and data. We use a consultative approach led by data and analytics to create a benchmark of your current security strengths and weaknesses. This allows us to prioritise areas for attention in line with organisational goals and priorities overlayed with risk analysis. Our cost effective, managed security services can also complement their in-house capabilities, or we can offer a range of fully managed security services underpinned by our own 247/365 Security Operations Centre (SOC).

Benefits of FourNet's cybersecurity solutions

Cybersecurity experts

When it comes to safeguarding your digital assets, technology plays a vital role. At FourNet, we understand that the true heart of a robust Security Operations Centre (SOC) is the expertise of its people. With the multi-faceted layers of protection needed to deliver adequate security measures, having both the right technologies and expertise within the team is the crucial ingredient that will fortify your organisation’s defence against evolving threats.

FourNet SOC

FourNet’s UK-based 24:7:365 Security Operations Centre (SOC) can complement and enhance your current security posture and help improve your cyber maturity score. Our SOC provides a market-leading technology platform and industry-leading cybersecurity experts to help keep you, your data, your employees, your customers and your reputation secure.

Agile SASE

FourNet’s Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solutions enable “Edge to Edge” security, Increased visibility, network wide data protection, policy enforcement as well as increased visibility and control of your network.

Combining Software-defined WAN (SD-WAN), Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), NGFW and Firewall-as-a-Service (FWaaS), Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), and Secure Web Gateways (SWG); our SASE solutions deliver the right levels of protection and security management when and where required.

Cybersecurity controls and defence

FourNet combines the full range of layered IT and networking solutions that form the technical line of defence against cyberattack.

FourNet can help organisations assess all aspects of their technology stack but technology controls aren't the only line of defence against cyberattacks.

FourNet also helps customers critically examine cyber-risk culture and can provide training to build employee awareness and promote secure behaviour.