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Our communication and contact centre solutions support local governments to deliver the best possible service to citizens and help them achieve their digital transformation goals. Our contact centre solutions seamlessly integrate digital channels and self-service to streamline citizen access to council services. Our integration expertise provides contact centre agents with a single view of all council services and citizen interactions.

We also work with local governments to transform their customer experience, performing a data diagnostic and on-site contact centre evaluation. We aim to identify the root cause of customer pain, which could be as simple as inefficient call routing or could be due to bad connectivity between systems.

Enabling Cross-Council Collaboration

Local Authorities are facing the challenges of delivering services to increasing numbers of vulnerable citizens as a result of the cost-of-living crisis. Following on from years of austerity and the impact of the pandemic, councils are seeing this increased demand for services whilst grappling with reduced budgets and fundamental challenges of recruiting and retaining talent, particularly digital talent.

FourNet’s Community Cloud is a pioneering shared collaboration and contact centre platform for councils and other public sector organisations across the UK. The platform enables cross-council collaboration, either for Combined Authorities, Integrated Care Boards or for less formal collaborative working partnerships between councils. A Community Cloud solution addresses the challenges of reduced budgets and increasing citizen expectations, making access to new communications technologies more affordable and less risky for the public sector.

Benefits of
Community Cloud

Available to all public sector bodies, FourNet's Community Cloud enhances services for citizens and provides better and more efficient ways of working for employees. Reduces costs and enables greater collaboration. Increases mobility and remote working opportunities. Improves resilience and disaster recovery.

Unlock Data

We are helping local councils to achieve their data goals by enabling them to access data through multiple systems, analyse data with our free data diagnostic and also securing data.

Helping Local Government achieve their digital transformation goals

Benefits of working with FourNet

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Trusted by many

"We are using technology to enable change across all services delivered by the organisation, such as new telephony and a digital portal to help drive improvement for our customers and staff. This change involves encouraging citizens to use automated telephony, self-service and self-help so that the council can deliver efficient services and thereby drive savings."

Jayne Robinson
Interim Services Director, Luton Borough Council

"The configuration of our customer service centre is quite complex when FourNet said they would have it built within two weeks I didn't hold out much hope. I am pleased to say they proved me wrong and on go-live day all agents were up and running on the platform within 10 minutes and working independently within 40 minutes."

Emily Goodhead
Project Manager, Shropshire Council

South Norfolk & Broadland District Council

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