FourNet's omnichannel cloud based contact centre solutions

Whenever and however your customers choose to get in touch – whether it’s by phone, email, web chat or social media, during the day or late at night, they’ll enjoy the same seamless experience in real time.

FourNet’s award-winning, multi channel cloud based contact centre solutions enable agents to easily access a customer’s previous history, allows employees to effectively manage their time and provides managers with the tools they need to keep your contact centre up and running.

Our real time solutions provide unified access to applications and information across your organisation to quickly resolve customer queries across multiple channels.

The right solution for your needs

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Cloud Based Contact Centre Solutions

A world of features and functionality

Agents can access customer details, history and archive documents to achieve high rates of first-time resolution. Supervisors monitor all exchanges to improve feedback and training, while automated systems improve organisational efficiency.

Employees can work across multiple channels via a single user interface giving a holistic view of the customer including their details and a history of their previous interactions.

The same single pane of glass solution allows managers and supervisors to monitor and assess agent and customer interactions, while overseeing workforce management tasks from the same screen.

Contact centre agents waste enormous amounts of valuable time and energy flicking between screens to resolve customer queries. In the UK alone, that figure is put at more than £5.1 billion pounds every year, according to a study in 2019 by Contact Babel.

That’s just the cost of navigating between screens and applications within a call. It doesn’t account for post-call admin, which also requires agents to move between screens and applications. Nor does it include everyday management and administration tasks by employees where similar screen navigation is required.

A single customer view and a unified desktop experience is vital. FourNet’s award-winning contact centre solutions streamline, automate and modernise your operations. That means agents work more efficiently and customers get what they want, faster.

Intelligent virtual assistants let your customers engage in a conversational experience instead of negotiating menus and forms. Our AI personalises the customer journey, determines what a customer wants, and will decide the best course of action to successfully resolve the issue.

For those customers who choose email, customer experience is just as consistent, with the communication captured, interpreted and routed so that it can be answered quickly and efficiently.

Assisted web and mobile self-service results in fewer customers leaving your site dissatisfied and enhances your customer experience.

FourNet solutions provide organisations with a secure way of handling payments by phone, IVR or digital without bringing their environments in scope of PCI DSS. Our solutions integrate with all payment solutions providers.

FourNet offer fully customisable contact recording solutions that are tailored to the needs of your business. Our recording solutions work across every channel from voice recording to Teams interactions to give you the flexibility, security and ease of use, to impartially “listen” to the voice of your customers.

Agile Interaction Recorder (AIR) from FourNet allows you to record, store and play back all your calls, messaging and associated screen activity across all your Unified Communication and Contact Centre channels. AIR enables customers to seamlessly and cost effectively meet their recording and archiving requirements whilst providing a simple, user friendly interface to access recordings and manage training and coaching needs for agents.

Contact Centre Customer Engagement Workshops

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Use our Contact Centre Technology Matrix for a step-by-step diagnostic process to identify the right technology solution to deliver your CX goals.

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Cutting edge solutions

As with all advances in this modern age, contact centres and their solutions have experienced innovative, ground-breaking, revolutionary change to ensure customer satisfaction remains at an all-time high.

Here at Fournet, we provide cutting edge solutions to businesses that transform their customers experience when engaging with their agents. This is one of the many reasons why we are incredibly proud to hold the coveted accolade of retaining 99.97% of our customers.

At the heart of our constant dedication and commitment to excellent contact centre communications, we believe there are five crucial components that encompass everything we do: –

Expert view

'Never underestimate the importance of phone-based contact'

At FourNet, our modern contact centre solutions are comprised of much more than just traditional phone systems. They encompass a huge variety of communication channels, including instant messaging, SMS, email, social media and in-app chat functionality (also known as webchat).

That doesn’t mean, however, the importance of phone-based communications goes unnoticed by our dedicated contact centre solutions. We fully appreciate the benefit of physically speaking to a human voice at the other end of the phone and how reassuring this can be for your cusomter.

This is why our solutions are focused on not just getting your customers a quick answer to their problem, but also recognising when it’s best they speak to someone. Furthermore, when a physical conversation is required, our solutions deliver the customer to the right person, not just any person.

Capacity for email and text-based communications

A recent Forbes study concluded that ‘As many as three in every four Millennials prefer to communicate via text-based communication, rather than make a phone call.’

Feedback from our clients proves these figures are correct, so whilst phone calls are important, our contact centre solutions incorporate text-based communications, such as instant messaging, email, and text messaging.

These communications methods are proven to save your operators time and effort, making them far more productive. They also reduce the number of agents involved in such an exercise, enhancing productivity for both your workforce and your client.

Our experience has shown when used right, this form of communication within a contact centre reduces costs, provides efficient service delivery, enhance marketing promotions, and improves staff communications. After all, we understand how precious time is and the need to be easily accessible from anywhere around the world, on the go.

Cutting edge technology as standard

FourNet systems are fully equipped to manage an advanced variety of communications, which require an array of technology to accommodate these diverse channels. This is embodied within our omnichannel contact centre solutions, powered by the latest, and most sophisticated communications software, as well as the hardware on which it runs.

Yesterday’s systems simply won’t do for either your customer care team, or your clients.

And all of this equipment needs continually updating to make sure the latest version is in use, and that its security features are as up to date as possible. Something that is assured when you choose our cloud based contact centre solutions.

Tech-savvy IT personnel and customer-focused agents

No matter how good the technology, we believe a solution will only be as good as the people who operate it. This is why we put such a high value on our tech-savvy agents.

We employ IT experts who make sure operations always run smoothly and securely, guaranteeing excellent customer satisfaction. It is paramount that our service agents continue to bring the highest rating of customer care to every single customer they communicate and assist with.

Through using the latest cloud technology, various forms of service, a single customer view and many other technological advances, our contact centre solutions really do have every aspect included.

Data tracking capabilities, including both reporting and performance monitoring

The in-house ability to track, analyse and report performance, in order to optimise organisational performance is also a factor FourNet give considerable importance to. Working in unison with optimising efficiency, in turn, gives you the power to continuously measure performance and implement regular improvements if needed.

This is expertise that goes beyond information technology and customer care: it means implementing a plan to measure your most important communications metrics, from the basics (such as customer hold time and agent retention) to the advanced (speech, satisfaction, and cross-channel analytics). The constant monitoring of this data is crucial to continuously improve your customer service.