FourNet's omnichannel contact centre solutions

Whenever and however your customers choose to get in touch – whether it’s by phone, email, webchat or social media, during the day or late at night, they’ll enjoy the same seamless experience.

FourNet’s award-winning contact centre solutions enable agents to easily access a customer’s previous history, allows employees to effectively manage their time and provides managers with the tools they need to keep your contact centre up and running.

Our solutions provide unified access to applications and information across your organisation to quickly resolve customer queries across different channels.

Contact Centre Solutions

A world of features and functionality

Agents can access customer details, history and archive documents to achieve high rates of first-time resolution. Supervisors monitor all exchanges to improve feedback and training, while automated systems improve organisational efficiency.

Employees can work across multiple channels via a single user interface giving a holistic view of the customer including their details and a history of their previous interactions.

The same single pane of glass solution allows managers and supervisors to monitor and assess agent and customer interactions, while overseeing workforce management tasks from the same screen.

Contact centre agents waste enormous amounts of valuable time and energy flicking between screens to resolve customer queries. In the UK alone, that figure is put at more than £5.1 billion pounds every year, according to a study in 2019 by Contact Babel.

That’s just the cost of navigating between screens and applications within a call. It doesn’t account for post-call admin, which also requires agents to move between screens and applications. Nor does it include everyday management and administration tasks by employees where similar screen navigation is required.

A single customer view and a unified desktop experience is vital. FourNet’s award-winning contact centre solutions streamline, automate and modernise your operations. That means agents work more efficiently and customers get what they want, faster.

Intelligent virtual assistants let your customers engage in a conversational experience instead of negotiating menus and forms. Our AI personalises the customer journey, determines what a customer wants, and will decide the best course of action to successfully resolve the issue.

For those customers who choose email, customer experience is just as consistent, with the communication captured, interpreted and routed so that it can be answered quickly and efficiently.

Assisted web and mobile self-service results in fewer customers leaving your site dissatisfied and enhances your customer experience.

FourNet’s speech and text analytics provide insights across all customer and agent interactions. They enable managers to see how calls and customers are being handled, as well as how agents are being treated. This allows you to identify where agents are struggling as well as areas for additional guidance and training.

Analysis can focus on sentiment analysis and keywords to pick out failures or threats and can search for anomalies or missing elements in conversations with customers.

These tools can be used to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty while at the same time improving contact centre performance.

FourNet helps by giving you best in class Workforce Engagement tools which enable contact centre agents to easily manage their schedules from desktop or mobile app. Here they can request flexi-time, holidays or shift swaps, while managers and supervisors manage resources according to demand by accurately predicting future requirements.

With our Workforce Management options, improved employee scheduling and flexibility results in higher agent retention.

FourNet’s omnichannel quality management options automate a raft of processes, from scoring evaluations to assigning training. Instead of dealing with manual quality monitoring tasks, surpervisors can engage in higher-value activities.

With every customer interaction recorded, issues and irregularities are easily detected. Speech and text analytics provide insights across all customer and agent interactions.

Gamification tools turn tasks into an opportunity for achievement, reward and recognition. This can enhance team-based and individual goal-based successes.

Detecting fraud while trying to deal swiftly with customers’ queries is an increasingly difficult balancing act for many organisations.

FourNet’s identification and fraud detection solutions feature identity authentication which recognises unique vocal characteristics of the enrolled customer, reducing the number of security questions required and speeding up handling time.

Our fraud detection software uses voice biometrics and other factors to identify fraudsters, even if they answer security questions correctly.

Benefits of Cloud

Trusted by many

"We transitioned 1,200 agents across to the new service in one weekend with no issues; it was one of the smoothest transitions I have worked on. Moving to FourNet's Agile Cloud has provided npower with a wide range of benefits. The pay per user nature of the cloud solution has delivered substantial operational savings to our business, as it has replaced the need for upfront capital investment and has reduced the cost of managing on-premise systems."

Andy Parkingson
Programme Manager, innogy Business Services

"The introduction of the new solution has helped the council to introduce new ways of working. Agent Workplace has given the contact centre agents a full view of their colleagues presence, what they are doing and they can see what is happening on a day to day basis, which makes them feel much more a part of the whole operation. We can now automate business processes and improve the flow so that they can now process emails at the same time as they answer calls. Speech recognition combined with traditional IVR has allowed us to seamlessly get customers to the right place first time."

Helen Lunn
Business Analyst, Luton Borough Council