Changing ways of working

Organisations need a modern network infrastructure that provides the secure, flexible foundation to power their next stage of growth.

Employees can now work from anywhere, on any device, using applications that are distributed across enterprise data centres and many different types of cloud. This means your critical data now traverses many ‘network edges’ which introduces new ways that threats can access the IT estate. Traditional security solutions cannot keep up as they can only deal with a single network perimeter.

Branch offices and remote locations have been assembled piecemeal, resulting in complicated infrastructures of incompatible components, all of this managed by separate applications and interfaces.

FourNet’s Secure Infrastructure addresses all these challenges in one integrated, flexible solution. From infrastructure to applications: FourNet secures all levels of your technology stack.


Powered by Agile Cloud

Agile Cloud brings the Secure Infrastructure portfolio together. Our infrastructure portfolio incorporates wired and wireless LAN, multiple WAN technologies including direct internet access, MPLS and SD-WAN and security managed services from our strategic partner and Gartner Magic Quadrant leader, Fortinet. One interface and one single port of call for all your security requirements from infrastructure to applications.

Inherently Secure

Secure Infrastructure Key Features & Benefits

Get started with a free Cyber Threat Assessment

Our Cyber Threat Assessment Program (CTAP) gives customers an in-depth view of the current state of their network.

We offer CTAPs for Next Generation Firewalls which will help you identify security risks and understand your network usage. CTAP’s for SD-WAN help you understand your router usage and identify potential security risks and CTAP’s for email will help you identify gaps in your cloud-based email security.

For each of the assessments we have multiple deployment options in order to minimise network disruption.  This allows you flexibility to meet your customer needs while demonstrating real value.  Each assessment report includes a set of actionable recommendations that technical staff can use to refine their security and network utilisation.