The impact of COVID-19 across the globe has exponentially increased the adoption of Microsoft Teams as a means for organisations to communicate and collaborate, especially while working remotely.

FourNet takes Teams beyond internal employee collaboration by integrating Teams into the contact centre. Our multi-channel contact centre capabilities provide your customers access to your contact centre agents via their channel of choice; the Microsoft Teams shared workspace then enables your agent to effortlessly engage back-office experts to provide the best resolution available for each customer contact.

Our Team’s contact centre integrations intelligently manage all contact interaction types – phone calls, voice messages, email, SMS, web chat, social media – in a single, fully integrated solution. For your customers it means quicker response times, and for your organisation the results are lower operational costs and exceptional efficiency gains.



Key benefits of integrating Teams into the contact centre

Integrating Teams into the contact centre offers quantifiable improvements in operational efficiency and customer experience accessed via the simple, easy-to-use Teams interface.

Simple user experience

Findings from Aberdeen’s October 2019 Agent Productivity & Performance Management study* shows that on average, agents spend 15% of their time seeking information to do their jobs. Teams directory and presence enables an agent to immediately identify and access a back-office Subject Matter Expert (SME) to help address the customer issue. The agent can easily bring the SME onto a customer call with one simple click; using screen sharing and screen control the SME can quickly resolve customer issues, thereby reducing call backs and increasing first-time resolution.

*Aberdeen Research: The ROI of Integrating United Communications and Contact Centre, Jan 2020; stats compare contact centre performance of those who have integrated UC into the contact centre.


Monitor and Improve Performance

Grant visibility and ease of collaboration for agents, supervisors and back-office resources via user-profiles embedded into Teams. Managers can easily view queues and available agents; track service levels, average handle time and get KPI alerts. Supervisors can track and monitor performance. Agents can easily see queued calls and monitor their own performance. Available via any device: PC, mobile or tablet.

Need help optimising your MS Teams environment?

FourNet can advise on your current Teams implementation to help you to make the most of your investment and enhance your customer and colleague experience.

Benefits of Incorporating UC capabilities within the contact centre:

  • 50% greater annual increase in agent productivity (10.8% vs. 7.2%)**
  • Decrease (improve) average handle times by 2.9 times more year-over year (7.9% vs.2.7%)**
  • 80% greater annual decrease (improvement) in number of customer complaints (9.7% vs. 5.4%)**

Benefits of MS Teams:

  • Time savings of between 1.1 – 8 hours saved per user per week*
  • Payback < 6 months*
*Forrester: The Total Economic Impact of Microsoft Teams, April 2019
** Aberdeen Research: The ROI of Integrating United Communications and Contact Centre, Jan 2020; stats compare contact centre performance of those who have integrated UC into the contact centre

Speed to deploy

With no infrastructure required; direct routing to integrate all telephony into Teams can be delivered within 10 working days. Not only this, a Teams integrated voice contact centre with call recording can be delivered in days, not months using our sprint methodology

Legend: FourNet & Customer Responsibilities


Best in breed technology partners

FourNet's customers include some of the most secure, critical and commercially driven organisations in the UK. Our expertise lies in transitioning and integrating complex, legacy systems to deliver the latest communication, collaboration, and contact centre capabilities that enable our customers to deliver their customer experience and digital transformation goals. We have trusted, long-term business partnerships with many of the global market-leading technology vendors. We work with best-of-breed technology partners to create award winning solutions and our MS Teams solutions are based on our partnerships with world leading communication and contact centre software vendors.

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