Combine virtual and face to face meetings

Attitudes towards home-working have shifted and it’s believed that many people will continue to work more flexibly than they have ever done before. With this change in operations, offices are predicted to become places more focussed on team and cross-departmental collaboration spaces.

While most people have been working remotely, Teams collaboration calls have worked well, however when some attendees are together in a meeting room the audio and video quality can be compromised.

Teams Meeting Rooms offer a new way to have collaborative experiences no matter where you are working. With Teams Meeting Rooms you can combine virtual and face to face meetings to create a rich, collaborative experience for everyone, enabling everyone to fully participate, feel included and ensuring every voice is heard.

Microsoft Teams Rooms delivers a complete Teams meeting experience with high-definition audio and video, bringing everyone together, wherever they are working.

Back to Business - A Hybrid Workforce

The 2021 working landscape is effectively a balance between the old ways and the new and will result in significantly less office-based working than pre-2020. We explore what the return to the office might look like in our latest whitepaper on Remote Working.

Take your Teams collaboration to the next level

All Teams Meeting Rooms devices share the same touch user interface and offer one touch dial into Teams meetings, directory look up, screen sharing and bring the desktop Teams experience into the meeting room.

Teams Meeting Rooms solutions are designed around the needs and setup of your organisation and include features tailored to enhance your meeting experiences:

  • Nearly 30 options to now suit any room setup
  • BYOD Capability making solutions extremely flexible
  • Proximity join capabilities
  • AI capability to record the number of participants in a call and room use statistics
  • Premium Teams Room service for full estate management

Save time and money

A recent commissioned Total Economic Impactâ„¢ study conducted by Forrester Consulting found that by switching to Teams Rooms devices, a business of 10,000 employees could save around £7.2 million in productive employee time.

Companies can also make big savings on travel and IT support costs with Teams Rooms devices and features. The Forrester report showed that in a company of 10,000 and over three years, reduced IT support accounted for savings of almost £312,000, while avoided travel expenses totalled £1.9 million.

Features and Benefits

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