AI & Automation

From customer self-service and AI powered agent assistance technologies, through to fully AI enabled contact centre solutions and Robotic Process Automation, we have a full range of AI & Automation solutions to help our customers increase efficiency and improve both the customer and employee experience.

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FourNet’s AI & Automation solutions can help deliver your operational efficiency, customer experience and employee engagement goals.

Enhance the customer experience, streamline customer journeys and increase operational efficiency.
Enable customer self-service with AI powered chatbot solutions.
Empower agents to resolve customer queries first time with AI powered Agent Assist technologies.
Automate repetitive, non-value adding tasks to free up your most valuable resource, your employees, to focus time on delivering a great customer experience.

Business Benefits of AI

Reduce costs by servicing more customers

Speed up customer responses

24/7/365 availability

Maximise employee skills

Improve first time call resolution

Drive revenue by knowing customer better

Better customer engagement

Improved customer journey

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Our AI and Automation experts can help you to deliver your operational efficiency, customer experience and employee engagement goals.

Built on Market Leading AI Technologies

FourNet works with the world’s leading technology vendors to deliver Enterprise grade AI and Automation solutions including chatbots, RPA and AI enabled contact centre solutions.

Enabling Customer Self Service

Smart Routing and Agent Assistance

Driving Efficiency in front & back office

Enhancing the Employee Experience

FourNet Solutions

AI Powered Chatbots

AI powered chatbots can deliver seamless self-service and significant cost savings by diverting inbound enquiries away from the contact centre and enabling the customer to self-serve thus freeing agent time. As well as improving customer satisfaction, organisations implementing AI chatbots are seeing payback periods within months.

Regardless of what installed technology you are using, FourNet has a range of solution partners who can interoperate with your existing contact centre, CRM and enterprise applications to deliver fully integrated chatbot solutions that can be rolled out in weeks and paid back in months.

Customer Self-Service

FourNet work with the world's leading Cloud Contact-Centre-as-a-Service vendors to digitally enable every channel to give a great customer experience. These cutting-edge technology solutions utilise AI to enable customers to self-serve, to route queries to the right agent every time and to automatically complete routine customer interactions and after-contact work thus freeing agent time to focus on adding value to the customer."¨

Every requirement is different: from customer expectations to strategic business objectives and from installed legacy technology to budgetary constraints; FourNet has a range of solutions that can help.

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation combines Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and sentiment analysis to automate processes across the whole contact centre. Intelligent Automation can boost efficiency, free up your workforce, and help you deliver outstanding customer experiences.

Intelligent Automation can be used to streamline operations across the contact centre and the across the rest of the organisation. It frees agents from dull and repetitive tasks and enables them to focus on delivering an outstanding customer experience. Intelligent Automation can enable seamless self-service, drive down costs and maintain quality and compliance.

Sentiment Analysis

oice and sentiment analysis in the contact centre is a solution that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyse customer interactions with your agents. By using advanced algorithms to identify patterns in tone, language, and emotions, this technology can provide deep insights into the customer experience and agent performance.

Real-time agent assist works alongside sentiment analysis using AI-powered algorithms to analyse customer interactions in real-time. This provides agents with actionable insights and recommendations that can help them resolve issues more effectively and efficiently. By detecting changes in customer sentiment, our solution can provide alerts to your agents, allowing them to adjust their tone and approach to better meet the customer's needs.

AI Powered Security

Digital transformation, hybrid working, new applications - the attack surface grows dramatically making security management increasingly difficult. Internal security teams struggle to keep up with the deluge of alerts and other information generated by their multitude of security devices. And the cybersecurity skills gap only makes this more difficult.

FourNet work with Fortinet, the number 1 cybersecurity firm in the world, who utilise AI and and ML to process and analyse more than 10B events every day, sending actionable real-time threat intelligence to our customers.

Automate Connectivity

Automation offers cost savings and operational efficiencies at every level of the technology stack. FourNet's secure network infrastructure is built on the UK's most innovative carrier network, utilising automation to reduce service lead times from days to minutes to drive down costs by speeding up deployments and enabling customers to flex bandwidth on demand.

Whether you're opening a new site, responding to ongoing needs to switch employees between office and home or flexing to peaks and troughs in demand; FourNet managed network services provides flexibility and security to respond to whatever your business demands. With immediate visibility of connectivity options, near real-time configuration of circuits and direct API ordering links into all the major carriers we can help our customers respond to rapidly changing market conditions.

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AI and Automation

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AI and Automation

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