What is customer self-service?

Customer self-service is a solution that allows your customers to take control of their own experience with your brand. It provides them with the tools they need to find answers to their questions and resolve their issues without having to wait for assistance from your support team. With customer self-service, your customers can easily access resources such as a knowledge base, FAQs, tutorials, and more.

Bridge the Gap Between Human and Computer Language

Conversational AI bridges the gap between human and computer language and makes two-way communications more natural, without having to configure specific words or phrases. The intelligence comes from the system learning the many different ways that customers communicate their requests to improve the results and understand more.

The most immediate potential of AI powered chatbots in the contact centre is in handling digital enquiries. As human powered webchats tend to take longer than phone calls due to agent multi-tasking, and many email response rates take days.

Many organisations are moving to AI chatbots with the number of webchats with automation involved increasing by 45% since 2015.

How You Can Get Started?

Our team of professional customer experience (CX) practitioners will perform a CX Data Diagnostic to highlight the pain points within your customer journey. This allows us to identify the root cause of your challenges and before we perform an on-site analysis.

We then deliver CX recommendations that are unique to your challenges that will get to the root-cause of your challenges, rather than patching up the issues.

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