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Defend Against
Cybersecurity Threats

Protect your people, your data, your customers and your reputation. Assure regulatory compliance, enhance productivity and safeguard business continuity with our comprehensive suite of managed cybersecurity services.

Powered by market-leading technology, our state-of-the-art 24/7 Security Operations Centre provides UK-based, round-the-clock monitoring, incident response, and threat intelligence services.

You Cannot Protect Against,
What You Cannot See

FourNet leverage cutting-edge technologies, intelligent automation, and advanced analytics, matched with our industry leading cybersecurity experts to help organisations manage security risks.

We work collaboratively with customers to understand their current security posture. Conducting cyber threat assessments to provide managed cybersecurity solutions to protect against threats.

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Organisations need to understand cyber risks and their ability to handle and manage a cyber attack. Our consultative approach creates a benchmark of your current security strengths and weaknesses. This allows us to prioritise areas for attention in line with organisational goals and priorities overlayed with risk analysis. Approaching cybersecurity not just as technical issue, our methodology revolves around three key elements, people, process and technology.


FourNet Protect provides next generation security services including mail protection, advanced Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) and Security Access Service Edge (SASE) to protect applications and services. Wherever the network is accessed, and however the perimeter moves, FourNet Protect ensures users are safe and secure.


No matter what technology solutions are in place an attacker only needs to be successful once to compromise the network and organisation. With FourNet Defend our team of experienced cybersecurity professionals work in unison with internal teams, utilising advanced tools and methodologies to swiftly detect, analyse, and mitigate threats.

Boost Your Defences With our Quick Guides to Cybersecurity.


At FourNet, we help organisations on their cybersecurity journey, from cybersecurity risk assessments to network security and support from our 24/7 UK based Security Operation Centre. Whether you have an incumbent SecOps team or want to improve your cyber posture, we can help.

Our People are the Difference

Technology is only part of the solution, and human intelligence plays a pivotal role in understanding and delivering the right security levels. Our highly accredited teams of security professionals, including threat hunters and experts in testing resilience and defences, work 24/7 to protect your organisation.

Zero Trust Culture

Control everything in your network and never assume any traffic is secure. By adopting a zero trust approach to cybersecurity you gain control and transparency on your entire network, understanding who is accessing your network and why, helping to eliminate bad actors.

24/7 Security Operations Centre

Security defences need around the clock monitoring, and with limited resources and expertise, this is a challenge for most organisations. Our Security Operations Centre (SOC) offers just that, utilising cutting-edge technology manned by UK based, security cleared experts who continuously monitor, protect, and remediate threats to your network.

A range of Managed Security Options

Effective cybersecurity requires a layered approach consisting of many elements that seamlessly work together to provide the right levels of support. From SIEM to Endpoint, FourNet’s managed security solutions allow you to tailor the solutions needed to boost and support your security and teams, where and when needed.

Secure Cloud for the Digital Age

FourNet offers a range of cloud security services, from our award-winning Agile Cloud to our highly secure ANTENNA platform. Our cloud solutions are built to the highest security standards and heavily audited, so customers can be assured that their applications, connected devices and infrastructure are secure.

Creating a Culture of Security

Cyber defences are only as strong as your weakest link, and it is commonly accepted that humans are the chink in the armour. At Fournet, we offer a range of cyber awareness training that can educate staff and develop a culture of security in employees across the organisation, boosting defences significantly.

Data Security

Data breaches not only pose risks to the reputation and trust of your organisation but can have huge financial costs from governing bodies. There is paramount importance to ensure that all data is stored, maintained and share in a secure manor to protect from loss and exploitation.

FourNet's Approach to Cybersecurity


The FourNet Security Assessment is a thorough, comprehensive review of your security infrastructure that leaves no stone unturned. The assessment is typically delivered in 6 to 9 days and consists of three key stages: Risk Assessment, Technical Review and Assessment Report. This can then be developed into an agreed Security Plan.

Cyber Assessment

It is essential that any organisation using technology today, understand their cyber risk and their ability handle a cyber-attack should the worst happen. FourNet’s cybersecurity assessments enables organisations to get a total review of their Cybersecurity. Approaching cybersecurity not just as technical issue, our methodology revolves around three key elements, people, process and technology.

Defence Plan

A FourNet Security Plan is a collaborative, comprehensive and actionable cyber incident plan. This plan clearly defines the agreed approach to a cyber-attack focusing on how to quickly restore operations, minimise losses, determine the best remediation approach and thoroughly strengthen security approach to cyber incidents.


FourNet Protect offers comprehensive next-gen network, virtual, cloud and endpoint protection; securing a customer’s infrastructure and all end points.

Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)

Stop threats before they turn into a full-scale attack, EDR reduces the attack surface, integrating prevention, detection, threat hunting and response capabilities delivered by a client that is installed on end user devices and servers.

Mail Protection

Protection against email-borne threats. Powerful anti-spam and anti-malware are complemented by advanced techniques like outbreak protection, content disarm and reconstruction, sandbox analysis, impersonation detection, and other technologies to stop unwanted bulk email, phishing, ransomware, business email compromise, and targeted attacks.


FourNet’s Deception technology uses advanced ‘honey pots’ designed to deceive, expose, and eliminate external and internal threats early in the attack kill chain and proactively block these threats before any significant damage occurs.

Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

Our cloud native Cloud Access Security Broker and Data Security Policy Management (DSPM) solution is designed to provide visibility, compliance, data security, and threat protection for cloud-based services. CASB monitors the behaviour within and data ingress / egress into public cloud applications, stopping data moving where it shouldn’t.


When it comes to safeguarding your digital assets, technology plays a vital role but at FourNet, we understand that the true heart of a robust cybersecurity defence is the expertise of our people. Our Defend capabilities combine the best of both worlds.

Security Operations Centre

FourNet’s UK-based 24:7:365 Security Operations Centre (SOC) can complement and enhance your current security posture and help improve your cyber maturity. Our SOC provides a market-leading technology platform and industry-leading cybersecurity experts to help keep you, your data, your employees, your customers and your reputation secure.

Security information and event management (SIEM)

Our market leading SIEM platform provides critical early warning detection and correlation of security events to our security experts in the FourNet SOC. Combining analytics from on premise solutions, PaaS, IaaS, Hybrid and Public cloud providers our SIEM brings that data together for a comprehensive view of security and availability. Also monitoring user behaviour when anomalous behaviours are identified, real-time alerts are sent to relevant stakeholders for immediate investigation.

Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR)

Our SOAR platform provides early threat awareness, faster responses and streamlined containment to our SOC team; reducing security incident discovery times from hours to seconds. It’s AI enabled automation enables us to efficiently respond to the ever-increasing influx of alerts and reduces repetitive manual processes. With automated playbooks and incident triaging we can provide real-time threat remediation.


Human error is the main cause of 95% of cyber security breaches. People are now the key vulnerability. FourNet Train provides ongoing Cyber Awareness Training for proactive organisation-wide security awareness. Training is delivered via an online platform which utilises ML and AI to baseline understanding in the key elements of Cyber Security. Offering continual learning and refresher testing the content delivered in easy and simple short modules.


Data is typically stolen via Phishing, Malvertising, Supply Chain Attack, Watering Holes and Web Attacks. FourNet Monitor provides discovery and prevention of compromised credentials on the Dark Web. Based on Dark Web scanning for client domains the service provides timeline alerting of any breach to minimise the impact of the leak.

Vulnerability Scan

As part of our Managed Security services we run monthly internal and external vulnerability scans. The service enables organisations to baseline their security posture and identify gaps that appear as a result of both evolving threats in the market and changing configurations internally.


For organisations who do not subscribe to our Managed SOC services, FourNet Respond is a monthly subscription service that provides a 24/7 hotline for cyber related issues. The service provides a reactive solution with access to UK based cybersecurity experts to reduce the impact of a cyber security incident and mitigate damages.

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