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Effective cyber security requires a focused and layered approach to be successful.

It’s often difficult to determine precisely how much of a threat you are up against”"and what you should do about it. We’ve written these guides to help you understand how to ensure your organisation’s security works for you.

Our guides focus on risks, challenges, trends, and potential impacts and outline actionable steps to mitigate them.

Quick Guide on Edge/Perimeter Security

We live in a world of connected devices, and the traditional network perimeter no longer has a fixed point. It’s mobile and moves with devices and remote workers. Discover the challenges and what you can do to deliver effective security for the new world.

Quick Guide to Endpoint Security

In this guide, we look at how the growth of connected devices and the internet of things have increased the complexity of managing and securing endpoints. We also focus on the suggested steps you can take to mitigate the risks of threat actors utilising these to gain access to your network.

Quick Guide to Cloud Security

While the cloud has many benefits, it also comes with security concerns and other challenges. This guide outlines some of the most common risks involved with cloud computing, along with ways to mitigate them.

Quick Guide to Socially Engineered Attacks

98% of cyber-attacks rely on social engineering and whilst technology helps, this can be quickly undone by the humans in your organisation. Find out how socially engineered attacks are delivered and what you can do to combat the risks.

Quick Guide to Data and Compliance

Data security has become a priority for organisations of all sizes and industries, with many facing increasing pressure from regulators to protect sensitive information. In this guide, we’ll focus on how to identify critical data assets and take steps to protect them from both internal and external threats.

Why Work with FourNet to Security your Organisation?

Before investing in any security initiatives, it is crucial to understand your current security posture to identify areas of vulnerability that may need attention. By having a clear view of your strengths and weaknesses, you can address critical areas that need focus and discover the best solutions to help you secure your organisation.

FourNet work with some of the most secure and mission-critical organisations in the UK, including, Whitehall, Downing Street, Emergency services, Universities, and others.

With a broad portfolio of services, including a Managed SOC, we work closely with our customers to assess your needs and map out a strategy for the future. Our close partnerships with leading global security providers ensure we deliver the best technologies and solutions whatever your business.

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