Analytics to unlock insights from your Microsoft Teams data

With more of us working remotely and away from traditional office environments, having the right analytical tools in place to monitor engagement with and adoption of collaboration tools is essential. Analyse every Teams interaction, from voice to video calling, instant messaging to screen sharing and more.

Understand engagement and adoption

FourNet's Microsoft Teams analytics supports organisations to measure and monitor activities, utilisation and adoption across Teams, including highly-valuable data on calling, instant messaging (IM), sharing and video conferencing across all employees.

Dashboards that display the data you need

Access a range of dashboards using the data provided by call detail records (CDR) and user interaction data. Quickly view your most important metrics including volumes of interactions, incoming call performance, team adoption, top users, interaction types and engagement with contacts outside of your organisation. The easy to use dashboards let you drill down into how individual teams and employees are using video, voice, screen sharing, file transfer and other collaboration apps within the Microsoft Teams platform.

Understand user behaviour

Get an overview of registered and active user accounts so you can see how often each account is used as well as the ability to monitor peaks and troughs in usage throughout a week or day. You can also capture individual records of interactions users have with each other. View who they engaged with and when, as well as the device and the channel they used: speech, video or meeting.

Need help optimising your MS Teams environment?

FourNet can advise on your current Teams implementation to help you to make the most of your investment and enhance your customer and colleague experience.

Features and benefits

Consolidate data

Access to consolidated data across all Unified Communications and Collaboration tools.

Optimise channels

Visualise and track who is active in team groups and identify redundant channels that are no longer in use.

Improve efficiency

Management access to view how staff are using Microsoft Teams.

Allow accessibility

Role-based access allocated by your administrator, so employees can see their own metrics and data.

Save money

Identify the devices and functionality your employees use and only buy the licenses you need.

Store data

Store data beyond real-time for as long as you need it.

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Add the ability to make and receive external calls to your Teams environment

Whilst MS Teams has enabled better communication and collaboration internally within an organisation, connecting with people and making calls outside of the organisation in the same way hasn't been possible. Now with our Teams Direct Routing solution, you can enable full voice capability natively into MS Teams.

Incorporate the communication and collaboration capabilities of Teams into the contact centre

Seamlessly enable your back-office support for your front-line agents. Our Team's contact centre integrations intelligently manage all contact interaction types in a single, fully integrated solution. Quicker response times for your customers, and lower operational costs and exceptional efficiency gains for your organisation.

Combine virtual and face to face meetings with a Teams Meeting Room

Teams Meeting Rooms offer a new way to have collaborative experiences no matter where you are working. With Teams Meeting Rooms you can combine virtual and face to face meetings to create a rich, collaborative experience for everyone.

Meet compliance and training needs with our Teams Call Recording solution

Call recording can still be achieved within a Microsoft Teams environment, to help meet compliance, verification and training needs, with the help of the Agile Interaction Recorder (AIR) Teams call recording solution. AIR Teams recording offers the ability to record all participant calls, with the peace of mind, that only authorised users can playback and listen to the recorded calls, based on their user access levels and hierarchical status.

Back to Business - A Hybrid Workforce

The 2021 working landscape is effectively a balance between the old ways and the new and will result in significantly less office-based working than pre-2020. We explore what the return to the office might look like in our latest whitepaper on Remote Working.