What are you willing to lose?

Today, credentials and identities are the number one commodity traded on the Dark Web with sales increasing at an exponential rate.

To support this huge rise in demand, cyber criminals are becoming more proficient and advanced in their attacks on organisations. Selling their expertise and resources as a commodity.

And as edges between work and home life become more blurred, the management of passwords is now overly complex, onerous and time-consuming. Inevitably, as humans we revert to simplicity and use the same passwords everywhere or just change a few characters to make it different.

This common approach makes us all vulnerable to credential compromise.

Once a password is compromised, the impacts can be far-reaching for the individual and the company that employs the target victim. Companies often never find out what’s been compromised until it’s far too late.

FourNet Monitor allows you to find out when passwords are leaked onto the Dark Web

Illicitly obtained digital credentials are the currency of choice on the Dark Web. Nearly 80 per cent of security breaches involve compromised passwords. But companies often never find out what’s been compromised until it’s far too late.

nowSecure Monitor is an intelligent platform that tracks “in real-time” whether anyone in your organisation has had their credentials compromised.

nowSecure Monitor uses vast search capabilities to monitor known hacker forums and IRC channels 24/7. Smart algorithms hunt tell-tale signs of compromised or stolen employee and customer data.

With FourNet Monitor: