People are now the key vulnerability

The current infosec environment is even harder to defend. Cyber attacks are on the rise, and staff are more vulnerable to phishing and social engineering tricks as remote working becomes increasingly prevalent.

There is a science to behaviour change and this is the key ingredient that’s often missing from organisational attempts to change how people approach cyber-security.

Psychology and the behavioural sciences bring us over 40 years of research on what works in changing behaviour “" and why.

We’ve used this to develop four best practice actions that leverage behavioural science principles and turn cyber-security from a “boxticking exercise” into a process where users become invested in using and propagating good cyber-security practices.

Cyber-attack facts

Recent Gallagher survey: 60% of data breaches were avoidable.

Four new best practice actions

A cloud-based unified cyber awareness platform

A unified cyber security awareness platform focused on the human aspect of cyber security and data protection.

Designed in collaboration with psychologists and behavioural scientists it helps drive better security behaviours (not just security awareness) through making best practice an instinctive response for users.

Demonstrably reduces human cyber-risk

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