Agile Interaction Recorder

Meet your verification, compliance and training needs with Agile Interaction Recording

Agile Interaction Recorder (AIR) from FourNet allows you to record, store and play back all your calls, messaging and associated screen activity across all your Unified Communication and Contact Centre channels. AIR enables customers to seamlessly and cost effectively meet their recording and archiving requirements whilst providing a simple, user friendly interface to access recordings and manage training and coaching needs for agents.

Integrates with everything

Integrated with multiple platforms including Avaya, Mitel, Shoretel, Cisco, Openscape and Microsoft Teams, AIR is very effective in a mixed technology environment. A single pane of glass can be used to record and playback content from multiple telephone systems, Teams Direct Routing and Teams native content.

AIR is able to record calls directly from most SBC’s using the SIP-REC protocol and will record all interactions on the Microsoft Teams platform; including desk to desk voice, video and shared content, external calls and conference room sessions including all participant voice, video, shared content and meeting room chat.

Customer Benefits

Retain Existing Investment and Development

Retain your existing recording equipment rather than potentially needing to invest in new solutions and retain all your development and integrations that you may have incorporated since implementation.

Meet Your Compliance Needs

By utilising AIR Teams recorder, you can easily verify information relay, maintain expectations and proactively deliver on continual improvements, to retain your compliance needs. AIR Teams Recorder only allows authorised users to access it's database and playback calls, so you can be sure that your remain compliant, at all times.

Provide Consistent Customer Experiences

Verifying how your employees deal with your customers on a regular basis by revisiting their Teams interactions will ensure that best practice is being considered and your customers receive the same high level of service delivery, during every interaction they have with your business, regardless of the location of your colleagues.

Effectively manage training and coaching needs

Use AIR Teams recorder to help identify appropriate coaching and training needs for your employees. Compile a library of real life scenarios, captured by the AIR Teams recorder, to provide a powerful method of identifying areas for improvement, that will have more of an impact and be relevant to their specific needs.

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