The UK’s NICE Partner of the Year

NICE is the world's leading cloud customer experience platform provider, helping organisations deliver exceptional services to their customers. As a Platinum-rated NICE partner and the NICE UK Partner of the Year, FourNet is the ideal provider of NICE technology.

Providing NICE Contact Centre
Solutions & Transformation

NICE provides comprehensive solutions tailored to address critical business challenges such as improving customer experience and operational efficiency. Access advanced analytics in the contact centre to drive workforce optimisation and customer engagement strategies.With deep expertise in implementing and managing NICE's cutting-edge technologies, we help organisations across various industries enhance their service delivery and achieve their strategic goals.

Acquire NICE Services with FourNet

As one of the leading and highest accredited NICE providers in the UK, there is no one better to work with to access, implement and manage NICE solutions. Opposite are the services that we specialise in:


Transform your contact centre with NICE CXone, a comprehensive cloud-based platform designed to enhance customer interactions. Offering scalable solutions, CXone integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, enabling advanced analytics, AI-driven insights, and flexible deployment options to support a hybrid workforce and improve customer satisfaction.

Customer Experience Interactions

Elevate customer experience with NICE CXi, an innovative platform that unifies customer journey data across all touchpoints. CXi provides actionable insights through advanced analytics and AI, helping you anticipate customer needs, personalise interactions, and drive consistent, high-quality service throughout the customer lifecycle.

NICE Workforce Management (IEX)

Optimise your workforce management with NICE IEX (WFM), a powerful solution for scheduling, forecasting, and real-time management. IEX helps you maximise efficiency, improve employee engagement, and ensure optimal staffing levels, allowing your contact centre to deliver exceptional service while controlling operational costs.

NICE Inform

Enhance your public safety and security operations with NICE Inform, a comprehensive incident information management solution. NICE Inform captures, analyses, and reconstructs multi-channel communications, providing critical insights for investigations and compliance. Ensure accurate incident documentation and streamline your operations with this robust platform.


Unlock the potential of your customer interactions with NICE Nexidia, an advanced analytics solution that leverages AI and machine learning. Nexidia provides deep insights into customer behaviour, sentiment, and trends, enabling you to enhance service quality, drive performance improvements, and make data-driven decisions for better business outcomes.

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Cloud Contact Centre
as a Service (CCaaS)

Regulations and Vulnerability

Leverage FourNet’s Agile Cloud

Cloud Contact Centre
as a Service (CCaaS)

Realise the benefits of cloud-based CCaaS, driving scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency. Seamlessly integrate advanced technologies, improve disaster recovery capabilities, and ensure consistent, high-quality customer service regardless of location, supporting a more agile and resilient business operation.

Regulations and Vulnerability

Give your agents real-time support when interacting with vulnerable customers, helping them identify when someone is signalling vulnerability and assisting with prompts to provide further support. NICE tools also provide advanced analytics to help you evidence contact centre behaviour, allowing you to prove compliance.

Leverage FourNet’s Agile Cloud

We deliver NICE through FourNet's Private Cloud, Agile Cloud, for robust SIP and Teams integration, enhancing your contact centre's connectivity and collaboration capabilities. Agile Cloud offers a secure and flexible environment, allowing you to streamline communications and improve operational efficiency with confidence.

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