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Operation in Huntingdon UK HQ, Major & Complex Claims Department, Customer Services and Fleet Management


UK Based Claims Handling Staff


Global Insurance Company Clients


Polygon UK & Ireland are called upon by its insurance partners to mitigate, decontaminate and restore properties affected by fire and water damage across the country. Polygon is the European market leader in property damage restoration. It has 130 staff based at its UK headquarters in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire plus key functions in the Midlands and South West. Since 2017, FourNet has delivered best-in-class Agile Cloud unified communications service to Polygon, and worked to ensure the resilience of its business continuity plan.


Among other benefits, FourNet’s Agile Cloud service was designed to enable Polygon’s employees to work from home, with full functionality, should the need ever arise. The solution is fully tested regularly; the real test came days before the UK lockdown. By the time the government’s movement and social distancing restrictions came into force on March 24th, all Polygon’s workforce across the business, without exception, were able to work from home.



"Thanks to our resilience planning, we were able to switch immediately and without pain to remote working, the biggest effect was the cultural change for our colleagues. Technology-wise the hard work had already been done in conjunction with FourNet, so that when coronavirus restrictions came into force, we were already prepared and switchover went extremely smoothly."

Andy Clark
Service Delivery Manager, Polygon Group

"Polygon is an extremely well-prepared company; they take great pride in their BCP, the sudden move for all of their staff to work from home so quickly was something they knew could happen given the work they undertake. We couldn't be better pleased with how silky smooth it went for them, which goes to show how much our Agile Cloud technology is superfit for purpose."

Mike Tongue
Account Director, FourNet