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The impact of the coronavirus pandemic has been mixed for Flooid. Half of its customers are in the sectors hardest hit by the lockdown restrictions – high street retail and hospitality, with the other half in the rapidly growing online grocery sector. It has 400 employees, based in Coventry, West Midlands, where 75 contact centre agents handle their software application service desk inquiries from retailers. As a result of government guidance to work from home where possible, and social distancing restrictions, Flooid urgently required its agents to work remotely.


As FourNet supports Flooid’s Avaya telephony and contact centre infrastructure, our teams got to work straight away to enable remote working. By the time lockdown restrictions were imposed by the government, remote working was already up and running. Thanks to the close working relationship between our teams, we were able to ramp up the service using soft phone technology on laptops provided to contact centre agents. By accessing 90-day free licences from Avaya, agents were able to log-into the contact centre with full functionality to carry out their day to day roles as normal.  


FourNet's rapid action ensured the smooth running of our business and the protection of our staff at a time when everything was looking uncertain. The ability to access free licences enabled our agents to carry on looking after our customers while socially distancing at home, and has showed us the advantages of remote working. As a result, we are looking seriously at how this technology can help us in a post COVID-lockdown world.

Dan OMahoney
Head of Internal Business Systems, Flooid

We are delighted that we were able to assist Flooid in continuing its business, while better protecting its employees from coronavirus. We are also encouraged that our technology has allowed such a smooth transition to home working that Flood is considering its options for the future. Remote working will become the new normal, and FourNet will be here to help.

Mike Tongue
Account Director, FourNet