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The healthcare provicer was reducing its estate footprint to a smaller number of facilities across the UK at the same time as its legacy telephony and contact centre infrastructure and software was reaching end-of-life. They are moving to a cloud first strategy, but because of the nature of the business involving healthcare and hospitals, some hardware iss still required in some locations. The client wanted some of its sites on IP extensions, but all run from a single logical solution.

With so many locations, individual sites need to be migrated at separate times to ensure business continuity. Around 850 agents, based in multiple locations, require access to patient details, facilities and reports at all times, so dual systems were required to run in tandem as the new system was phased in over 18 months.

Hardware is being retained in some locations, but licensing delivered in the cloud. Remote working capability with anytime, anywhere mobility call services for 2,000 users.