Analytics to unlock insights from your Unified Communications & Collaboration data

With more of us working remotely and away from traditional office environments, having the right analytical tools in place to monitor engagement with and adoption of collaboration tools is essential. Analyse every interaction, from voice to video calling, instant messaging to screen sharing and more.

Understand engagement and adoption

Dashboards that display the data you need

Understand user behaviour

Understand engagement and adoption

FourNet’s UCaaS Analytics solution supports organisations to measure and monitor activities, utilisation and adoption across all their communication and collaboration channels, including highly-valuable data on calling, instant messaging (IM), sharing and video conferencing across all employees.

Dashboards that display the data you need

Dashboards that display the data you need

Understand user behaviour

Get an overview of registered and active user accounts so you can see how often each account is used as well as the ability to monitor peaks and troughs in usage throughout a week or day. You can also capture individual records of interactions users have with each other. View who they engaged with and when, as well as the device and the channel they used: speech, video or meeting.

Need help optimising your Unified Communication & Collaboration platform?

FourNet can advise on your current UCaaS implementation to help you to make the most of your investment and enhance your customer and colleague experience.

Features and benefits

Consolidate data

Access to consolidated data across all Unified Communications and Collaboration tools.

Optimise channels

Visualise and track who is active in team groups and identify redundant channels that are no longer in use.

Improve efficiency

Management access to view how employees are using every channel.

Allow accessibility

Role-based access allocated by your administrator, so employees can see their own metrics and data.

Save money

Identify the devices and functionality your employees use and only buy the licenses you need.

Store data

Store data beyond real-time for as long as you need it.

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