Secure Fabric

The new world of hybrid and remote working has expanded the attack surface and cyber security attacks have increased exponentially over the last few years.  Protecting your network, infrastructure, applications and employees has never been so critical.

FourNet's Secure Fabric solutions incorporate access & endpoint security, secure networking, cloud security, network operations and security operations into one common operating system and management framework.  Our managed security services offer centralised management, deep analytics and automated remediation to keep your network, infrastructure and applications secure.

The convergence of networking,
security and applications

Traditional networking has lacked awareness of content, applications, users, devices and location. Trying to overlay security solutions onto an existing network has led to increased management complexity and the introduction of new exploitable gaps or vulnerabilities without addressing performance bottlenecks or poor user experience.

FourNet Secure Fabric adopts a security-driven networking approach converging networking and security into a single, accelerated solution and incorporates application intelligence to prioritise performance and user experience where it matters.

Delivered by FourNet: Inherently Secure

Secure Data Centres

FourNet's Agile Cloud in hosted entirely UK based Tier 3 data centres with fully redundant subsystems (cooling, power, network links, storage etc) and compartmentalised security zones controlled by secure access controls methods.

Encrypted Remote Access

Secure remote access is provided for service users with fully encrypted voice, video, email and IM using TLS and AES 256 SRTP protocols available over the internet.


Managed in accordance with the CSA Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM) and ISO27001 and Cyber Security Plus certified. FourNet's UK NSV security cleared engineers (top secret SC and NPPV3) are approved to handle some of the UK's most secure communications.

Fully managed

Best in class security cleared service management; FourNet provide a fully managed service desk with 24:7 phone support and multi-factor authenticated access.

Powered by world-class Fortinet solutions

FourNet’s Secure Fabric is delivered using Fortinet’s world-class security and networking solutions.

FourNet Managed Cyber Security

Address skills shortages

As cyber threats increase in volume and sophistication, organisations do not have enough security specialists available to address them: cybersecurity tops the list of skills shortages reported by CIOs across both the public and private sector. FourNet Managed Cyber Security Services can help complement and enhance our customers' internal capabilities. FourNet's Security Desk is manned 24x7x365 with fully accredited engineers always available. No need to worry about maintaining a fully staffed support team in-house, providing cover for holidays, illness or out of hours support.

Reduce complexity

Network security is becoming increasingly complex, especially as networks expand to include new cloud resources, and many organizations simply do not have the resources necessary to effectively deploy and manage the tools they need to protect their modern, distributed networks. FourNet can help by conducting threat assessments and then implementing a single pane of glass solution that gives visibility of all threats across your IT estate.

AI powered insight & automation

FourNet's Managed Security services are powered by Fortinet's FortiGuard Labs which use AI and Machine Learning to translate threat intelligence into actionable insights. Every day more than 10B events and pieces of information are fed to FortiGuard Labs. This helps our customers stay protected against new, unknown threats across all Security Fabric deployments.

The right level of support

FourNet Managed Security Services match and enhance the in-house capabilities of our customers. We offer our customers the flexibility to choose the level of monitoring and reporting, hours of coverage and levels of support via our range of flexible commercial packages.

Get Started

Implementing a robust cyber security practice/solution requires a multifaceted approach, from network assessment to cyber awareness training.

Our team of experts can help you understand your current security and compliance position, make recommendations, and help to deploy effective layers of security to safeguard and protect your organisation from threats and vulnerabilities from inside or outside the organisation.