FourNet's Security Operation Centre (SOC)

Reduce and mitigate security risks with the support of FourNet's 24/7 SOC monitoring services. Our team of security experts have the capabilities and expertise to work alongside your team to ensure that cyber threats are monitored, tracked and dealt with.

We give you visibility of all threat vectors,
removing the burden of security management.

The Four Stages of our Security Operation Centre


With leading expertise, backed up by market leading technology FourNet provide end-to-end visibility of emerging threats.


Assess emerging threats to ensure that timely action is taken to mitigate them at the earliest stage.


Delivering 24/7 support to respond to threats from an experienced team of security experts.


Continuously optimise and strenghten your security estate to reduce the risks faced by your organisation.

Managed by Leading Security Experts

Security is all about visibility, understanding what happening in your network and having the capability to identify unauthenticated users and behaviour. Technology gives you this transparency, but without the right security expertise and resources to manage threats 24/7, vulnerabilities can still be exploited by attackers.

FourNet’s team of leading security experts monitor and respond to vulnerabilities around the clock and are trusted by many of the UK’s largest and most critical organisations.

Securing People Process and Technology

Wherever You Are on Your Security Journey, We Can Help

Discover How the FourNet SOC Can Help You

Securing People Process and Technology

The world has become digital, and the threat landscape is rapidly evolving. As a result, security teams are facing increasingly complex environments and they need tools and support to help them keep up.

With rapid digitisation and hybrid working patterns, all organisations now have an increased attack surface that is constantly moving as well as a huge increase in attack vectors. The move to cloud and SaaS has introduced new threats and we ensure that we protect your organisations across all of your infrastructures, regardless of location. Timely and clear visibility is a crucial element of your defence.

Our security solutions focus on three main areas People, Process and Technology and deliver leading security services to keep you secure. With risks and threats changing emerging daily the fundamental requirement to keep systems, tools, data, and employees protected is paramount.

Wherever You Are on Your Security Journey, We Can Help

Whether you have an existing security team or are just starting, we offer tailored support to match your security needs. Many internal teams struggle with alert overload in complex architectures. Our SOC and expert defenders investigate alerts, provide necessary containment and isolation and ensure your organisation is proactively defended from emerging threats. FourNet’s 24/7 UK-based SOC can alleviate the significant burdens of security challenges.

Whether enhancing an established team or improving security for less established organisations, we offer flexible, secure options with an experienced team to safeguard your critical assets.

Discover How the FourNet SOC Can Help You

We’re cybersecurity experts, offering a unique blend of cutting-edge tech, automation, and analytics, coupled with industry-leading specialists. Our goal is to shield organisations from evolving cyber threats.

Our advanced SOC provides 24/7 monitoring, incident response, and threat intelligence using top-tier technology.

Our team seamlessly integrates with your IT and Security departments, providing continuous expertise, advanced tools, and methodologies for swift threat detection, analysis, and mitigation, enhancing your capabilities.

We ensure your organisation adopts the right security tools and practices, with our red and blue teams ensuring maximum security across integrated ecosystems.

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The Benefits of FourNet Security Services

Enhanced Security Effectiveness and Rapid Threat Response

SIEM is a powerful tool that enables analysts to swiftly identify and respond to suspicious behaviour patterns, surpassing the capabilities of individual system analysis. It acts as a powerful shield, bolstering your security effectiveness and thwarting successful breaches.

Continuous Security Validation

With our security services you will be supported by some of the most highly skilled cybersecurity experts in the UK. Our specialist 'Red and Blue' teams work in tandem, constantly threat hunting and continuously scanning for vulnerabilities and security validation. This means your organisation is always keeping up to date and ahead of emerging threats.

Simplify Your Compliance Journey With SIEM Technology

Compliance is a key part of any business operations. It's about taking the steps you need to ensure that your company is operating within the confines of industry regulations, as well as security standards. This can be a time-consuming process that requires extensive documentation and reporting.

Reduce the Complexity of Security Management

SIEM is a powerful tool for collecting, analysing, and correlating security event data from multiple sources. Consolidating these disparate sources of information into one centralized database allows for fast and comprehensive analysis. Automation frees up time for your team to focus on more complex tasks, while also reducing the amount of expertise required to perform certain tasks. Finally, less-experienced staff can take on tasks that previously required specialised knowledge and training, which reduces complexity in your organisation while increasing efficiency

Improve Insight and Visibility of Risk and Operations

Visibility and clarity of your network, endpoints, and users is critical to being able to adopt a robust cybersecurity strategy. The more you see, the more you can defend, and the earlier you can see it, the earlier you can act. Technology alone doesn't solve the problem, and with full visibility and AI/Machine learning you can get the insight needed to focus on priorities at the right time to reduce risk.

Orchestrate, Automate and Speed Up Response Times

Our SOC utilises industry leading technologies and our Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) platform enables us to efficiently respond to the ever-increasing influx of alerts, repetitive manual processes that would otherwise be time consuming.

Our leading and customisable security operations platform allows early detection of anomalies, allowing earlier isolation, and the elimination of false positive threat situations. In addition, we have automated playbooks and incident triaging, enabling real-time remediation.

For additional visibility and trust our SOAR platform seamlessly integrates with over 350+ security platforms and 3000+ actions, resulting in early threat awareness, faster responses, streamlined containment fully focused on your biggest risk areas.

Proactive Intrusion Based Detection

At FourNet, we believe that security should be proactive, not just reactive. That's why we've developed a unique solution that combines Next Generation Firewalls with an intelligent Honeypot to attract threat actors.

This intelligent industry leading solutions is designed to deceive, expose, and eliminate external and internal threats early in the attack kill chain and proactively block these threats before any significant damage occurs by automating the blocking of attackers targeting IT devices and OT system controls.

Our solutions automatically lays out a layer of decoys and lures, helping you conceal your sensitive and critical assets behind a fabricated Deception Surface to confuse and redirect attackers while revealing their presence on your network.