Software defined from core to edge

FourNet’s Agile Cloud is built on the UK’s largest business only network; delivered from secure tier 4 data centres across the UK, we are on net with the leading UK network providers. We offer a full range of connectivity options, from fibre or copper to 4G & 5G depending on your requirements, and can offer public, private or hybrid cloud solutions.

Our network is software defined from core to edge with all major network changes fully automated which means our deployments are quicker than any other provider in the market, on average we can deliver Openreach 10 days quicker than alternatives.

Software Defined WAN from FourNet

Your business needs a secure, flexible network foundation that can adapt as your business needs change over time. SD-WAN from FourNet provides more control over applications and security than traditional network deployments

Secure, simple provisioning

FourNet consultants work with our customers to design and provision a cost effective and secure WAN that addresses each individual customer’s needs. Once designed, each location is secured with one or more industry leading next generation firewalls (NGFW). These devices not only provide the SD-WAN functionality, but are also fully featured security devices in their own right.

These establish an SD-WAN back to Agile Cloud where they are managed centrally through advanced management applications, AI & ML driven analytics and a 24/7 NOC SOC.

Provisioning new sites is a breeze using our tried and tested templates and blueprints so that extending the fabric is typically a zero-touch deployment

Infrastructure Maps

Through our portal we utilise APIs into tier one carriers so we can view real time where there is physical network capacity in the real world. This means less reliance on surveys from the likes of Openreach and Virgin that can take weeks and can dramatically speed up deployment times.
The web portal also presents pricing to our FourNet consultants in seconds – pulling in live quotes and options via further APIs from all the Tier 1 carriers.

Automate Order Build

At the order stage the physical and logical network can be designed via web browser. We can assign services to router ports, and this will be pre-configured on the routers sent out. As the order progresses an ‘as built’ document is automatically created which helps seamlessly move the new network from the ‘project’ phase into our support team.

VLAN Resizing

Once the circuit is built, all virtual circuits can have their bandwidth changed on the fly. This is available for any carrier. Some carriers are integrated so that the circuit bandwidth can be INCREASED on the fly, with billing changing automatically.

Change QoS

Without Software Defined Networking (SDN), applying QoS to a circuit with most suppliers was a clunky, inefficient process requiring chargeable MAC requests with an associated quote and then a 5-day lead time from order. With FourNet SDN the settings can be altered on the fly (access can be limited to senior engineers only!).

WAN connectivity options