March 8, 2024

Event for FCA Regulated Organisations

Corporate Responsibility Customer Experience Cybersecurity Events

Join the FourNet Team for an event built for FCA-regulated organisations on complying with the new Consumer Duty regulations.

Due to demand for this session, we will run a further event at the Palatine Private Equity Offices, Central Manchester, on Thursday, the 21st of March, at 1.30 pm.

This is an excellent opportunity to leverage learnings and insights from peers and some of the UK’s leading Regulatory, Cyber Security and Contact Centre Consultant specialists, including Alan Linter, Kevin Still, Kevin Prone and Ian Taylor.

During the event, you will learn how to

  • Navigate the complexities of Borrowers and Customers in Financial Difficulty (BiFD), ensuring you identify vulnerable customers and provide Good Outcomes’.
  • Harness the power of granular Product Sales Data (PSD) to empower you to make informed decisions, optimise product offerings, and enhance customer service.
  • Provide continuous FCA Monitoring and Assessment Capability via our Regulatory Consultancy team to track and comply with the evolving requirements of Consumer Duty.
  • Deliver against the FCA’s MI Reporting requirements by positioning our Real-Time Speech Analytics solution, which captures 100% of all customer interactions, vastly reduces manual Quality Assessment efforts, and identifies Vulnerable customers at Scale.
  • Build a business case to make a Real-Time Speech Analytics solution purchase ‘self-funding’ with an almost immediate payback mechanism due to inbuilt Generative AI functionality, including Auto Summary and Automated QA.
  • Understand our Cyber Security portfolio, which has been delivered to mission-critical organisations in the UK, and how we can help companies achieve the FCA’s Operational Resilience requirements. We will outline how our Cyber Consultancy team engages with clients to provide an assessment of their ‘Security Posture’, which is measured against NIST standards.

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