FourNet’s ANTENNA goes mobile


August 18, 2022

Hybrid-working era mobile service supports fast deployment, compliance and mobile devices with desk phone functionality

Digital transformation and customer experience specialist, FourNet, has expanded its services into the mobility solutions market with the launch of a unique, one-number, audit and governance-compliant SIM and mobile service.

ANTENNA Mobile will provide business-class mobile communications fit for the hybrid-working era and will enable public sector customers, including a range of Whitehall departments, to access full call and text recordings plus comprehensive data analytics on usage, when the mobile phone is equipped with an ANTENNA SIM or eSIM.

The use of ANTENNA Mobile will allow customer compliance teams to have access to SMS messages and call recordings for compliance or training purposes. Handsets can also be blocked from installing apps like WhatsApp and other encrypted services which might elude audit trails.

FourNet’s government customers using the award-winning ANTENNA Community Cloud service include the Prime Minister’s Office, the Cabinet Office, HM Treasury, HMCTS and many others.

Stuart Williams, Chief Technology Officer at FourNet, said: “Customers with compliance or governance obligations need to be able to access call recordings and analytics across all their devices be they landline, soft phone or mobile. They want true one-number solutions so that employees can receive calls wherever they are, at home, working remotely or in the office and they need to allow the same auditability regardless of which device is used.

“We’re delighted to offer our new mobile service to customers – whether central government, local government, public sector or enterprise customers – who want to keep track of what is being said and done on employer-issued mobile phones.”

The new FourNet Mobile Service also captures billing and performance data, including costliest call details, most frequently dialled numbers, international calls and premium services – and can eliminate or restrict access via government phones to gambling, adult content, or even social media sites.

ANTENNA offers a comprehensive range of communications, collaboration and contact centre solutions to FourNet’s central government customers and is hosted in government accredited data centres. The service has already helped deliver key government targets on cost savings, increased collaboration and improved citizen experience.

FourNet Enterprise customers can also enjoy a similar service using the FourNet Mobile network leveraging FourNet’s Agile Cloud service, which also enables compliance and call recording features.

FourNet is partnering with Tango Networks to deliver its new mobile service.

Andrew Bale, Executive Vice President for Tango Networks, said: “We’re thrilled to be joining forces with FourNet to deliver this next-generation mobile solution, which will enhance the capability for ANTENNA customers and those on FourNet’s Agile Cloud service.

“The world has changed. Hybrid working requires business quality communications that work consistently as an extension of the office in any location. This means office-style compliance controls need to cover mobiles and remote working too. The ANTENNA service delivered with Tango Networks’ ground-breaking mobile Unified Communications technologies provides a communications solution that maximizes mobility and flexibility while still remaining compliant.”

Remote and hybrid working has made compliance issues more complex over the last few years, where employees work from home typically without desk phones or the call recording facilities used with in-office landlines.

FourNet’s Mobile service will benefit public sector organisations, particularly those which are subject to FOI and GDPR requests, as well as businesses in the financial, legal and insurance sectors, where audit trails can be crucial to operations and governance.

In particular, financial services firms are required by government regulation to archive and retain communications related to financial transactions. The new service enables voice and text communications on mobiles to be captured and recorded for complying with these requirements.