Education Technology Trends 2022

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January 8, 2022

Education Technology Trends 2022

Bill Cooper
Senior Marketing Executive

Over the last two years, like all other sectors, education has had a tough time. However, the challenges faced have brought to light how vital technology is in schools?

The rapid rise and evolution of EdTech go hand-in-hand with an increased demand for online learning, and given the shift in learning preferences, these technologies are here to stay. In this blog, we look at the trends forecast in education this year.

What are the next trends to look out for this year in ed-tech?

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

Virtual reality and augmented reality are set to play a more significant role in the classroom, creating a more immersive and interactive experience. It will become easier to bring learning experiences to life, and with tools like video, software becomes more versatile and incorporate aspects of VR and AR, creating dynamic classrooms. Knowledge retention improves dramatically when it is given in the form of audio, videos, visuals, etc., and VR and AR technology enables students to learn more materials faster. This new style of education removes the typical forced teacher, student relationship and creates an immersive and enjoyable way to educate. As this technology requires very little equipment, the minimum is a pair of 3D glasses or a VR headset. It can help reduce a lot of expenses incurred in making infrastructure available.

Blended Learning

Whilst not dead, the trusty lined workbook and study guide are slowly being replaced. As the traditional classroom model changes, technology empowers a more blended approach to learning. Combining traditional learning methods and online education enhances strengths and reduces weaknesses, and allows schools to adapt and react to potentially changing conditions. This will continue to be a common practice over the coming year.

Automatic Grading

Artificial Intelligence is increasing, and now students can submit their work, and machine learning will automatically review and score their work. Automatic grading can help the grading of tests, homework, assignments, essays, etc. At a time when teachers are facing strain, this can remove workload and help reduce the stresses faced by teachers.

Digital Textbooks 

The days of dragging a heavy bag and forgetting your textbook may be over. There is a drive to utilise Digital Textbooks that are accessible to the learners anytime from anywhere. Students won’t need to carry around large, heavy textbooks in hybrid learning environments. It will also assist in the work as students can easily highlight any sections, search the meaning of terms, change font etc., all from the digital resource.

True Personalised Learning

Traditional classroom-based learning is not customised to the needs of every individual student. Similarly, education delivery must be personalised. Different students excel in differing subjects while others lag. This could be that they respond to different teaching styles differently, and new approaches can make a difference in learning outcomes. Personalised learning using technology is now helping teachers create a personal syllabus for each student; after considering every student’s strong and weak areas, a bespoke learning plan is created.

Personalised learning can deliver these advantages.

  • Students’ ability to absorb topics and understanding increases
  • Can help students to learn understand subjects at their individual speed
  • It can be carried out at any location, classroom independent

From Smart Boards to Artificial Intelligence in the classroom, technology empowers and drives the way we educate. Schools are pushing to ensure they can deliver the best possible results. Whilst it does involve investment, the outcomes can be remarkable now and into the future.

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