May 14, 2020

FourNet: 4net becomes FourNet


Our business was founded 15 years ago this week, by myself and my three colleagues with the mindset that we could provide communications technology services and solutions better, and with more care, than the larger competitors in the industry.

Starting with a single customer, we delivered specific, on-premise technical solutions and services that enabled our customers to be successful and meet their needs, and, I don’t mind saying, I think we did a good job of it!

Since then we’ve been incredibly successful based on our reputation, our networks and our credibility with customers, and have grown enormously, but still retained that same customer driven mindset.

As we have grown, so too, the market has shifted dramatically in recent years, both in technology and in our customer’s expectations.

The last few years has seen a huge shift towards customers digitally transforming their organisations; allowing their customers to contact them by any means of their choice, integrating systems and enabling their teams to work collaboratively and securely from any location. The move to Cloud technologies, Automation, Artificial Intelligence etc., are all now key components.

4net has been at the front of this wave of digital transformation, working closely with our customers to enable it to happen. 15 years ago, when we started, our role was to successfully deliver strong technical solutions that met our customer’s needs. Now, we sit side by side with our customers, delivering and managing integrated solutions and are measured on our customers’ successful business outcomes.

The 4net brand however, didn’t reflect this dramatic change in the market and the services we provide. We therefore needed a new brand that communicates who we are to our customers.

As we move into a new world, and a new normal created by COVID-19, now is the time to show our customers, and the rest of the market, how technology, and how we, can help them continue to operate and flourish.

Over the past two months we have been helping our customers first react to lockdown, and then make the right strategic technology decisions to enable them to operate effectively in this new environment. We have shared some of these learnings in our whitepaper – Remote Working: The New Normal?


Richard Pennington
Chief Executive Officer, FourNet