March 19, 2020

FourNet Coronavirus Statement 19/03/20


In the light of the rapidly evolving situation as regards the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) we wanted to update you about our business continuity plans and updated policies.

Full Resilience Test

We conducted a full systems and remote working resiliency test yesterday. We had no business or system issues and have now fully tested our ability for the business to operate remotely in the case of quarantine or a lock down.

We can now confirm that our processes and systems mean we can operate as normal from any location.

Employee Welfare

We are adhering to the latest government advice and following the government’s recommendation that all workers who can work remotely should do so. Although our offices are still open until such time as the government may impose a lock down the majority of our people are now working from home to help reduce the spread of the virus.

Customer Site Visits

While upwards of 98% of all service desk incidents can be handled remotely; when a visit to a customer site is necessary, we are taking all precautions to protect our employees. We have also completed an audit of all employees who are either themselves in a high-risk category or who have dependents living with them who are at risk e.g. elderly relatives. We are now only sending employees who are not in a high-risk category to customers sites.

Can we help?

We are working round the clock to help our customers cope with the current situation. We are enabling remote working for our customers’ employees and contact centre employees to support the government’s social distancing strategy. We have support from our vendor partners to offer free remote working licences to help our customers get through the next few months. Please contact your account manager to discuss how we can support your business to keep your employees safe and continue serving your customers.

Richard Pennington
Managing Director, FourNet