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The FCA’s Continuing Push on Consumer Duty as a Data-Driven Regulator

Consumer Duty has remained a top priority for the FCA since its launch earlier this year, and we're going to see how they are planning to continue their work across all sectors and their supply chains.

Aiming to drive the goals of the Consumer Duty by ensuring that firms meet their original targets for delivering better customer care, including vulnerability management and financial crime prevention.

This extends to more granular MI and data reporting under their proposed Product Sales Data (PSD) proposals, which includes quarterly reporting at a customer agreement/policy level. The first half of 2024 is expected to see the introduction of permanent rules around Borrowers in Financial Difficulty (BiFD), which will have a wide ranging impact.

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“Consumer Duty is not a once and done exercise”

The FCA is asking firms to review and assess their original Consumer Duty strategy and to see if they are on track with the implementation, reviewing data to assess if implemented strategies go far enough to deliver the outcomes set out in the Consumer Duty.

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