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Cloud communication, collaboration and contact centre solutions.

FourNet works with some of the most secure, critical and commercially driven organisations in the UK.

Our expertise is in transitioning and integrating complex, legacy systems to deliver the latest communication, collaboration, and contact centre capabilities.

We provide the professional services, engineering and project management skills to help our customers achieve their digital transformation and customer experience goals. Our managed support service frees our customers to focus on running their business, not their communications infrastructure.

FourNet: delivering the technology that helps you to provide a better customer experience; the tools that encourage employee collaboration and better ways of working, and the managed support that allows you to focus on running your business, not your communications infrastructure.


The communication, collaboration and contact centre platform for Central Government.

A true shared service across Central Government; saving taxpayer money; streamlining communication within and across government departments; improving citizen access to services.

Powered by FourNet in partnership with the Prime Minister’s Office. The ANTENNA programme was born from the vision of the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) to create a shared service across central government for telephony, collaboration and contact centre services. The PMO saw a way that infrastructure could be shared with other departments and that by sharing equipment, not only could costs be reduced but service could be dramatically improved.

FourNet, the award-winning communication, collaboration and contact centre specialists for the public sector were appointed to deliver the service.


Connecting Wales

The shared communication & contact centre platform for the Welsh public sector.

Streamlining citizen access to services. Saving taxpayer money. Cost-effective access to the latest technology.

Backed by Welsh Government, Connecting Wales is a pioneering shared contact centre platform for councils and other public sector organisations across Wales. It provides access to a modern digital platform that’s both affordable and efficient, and hands Welsh citizens more control over the services they receive and access to the information they need. The platform enables working between councils and other public sector bodies including NHS Trusts and GP services providing a holistic service to citizens.