Broad, Integrated, Automated Security Where You Need it

A key strategic partner, Fortinet is trusted worldwide by the largest enterprises, service providers, and Government organisations to secure networks and systems. Fortinet offers a portfolio of unique solutions that empowers customers with proven, high-performance, and intelligent protection across the expanding attack surface. Innovative solutions like Secure Fabric help deliver security without compromise, combating the most critical security challenges across your network, cloud, and mobile environments.

Fortinet solutions can ensure security against an expanding and constantly evolving environment of threats and attacks by offering intelligent, seamless protection to businesses.

Trusted by over 580,000 customers to deliver the right levels of cybersecurity

Operating in networked, application, cloud and mobile environments, Fortinet’s Security Fabric architecture delivers security without compromise, rising to address the most critical and complex security challenges. It provides broad visibility to better manage risk, integrated solutions that reduce the complexity of multiple-point products, and automated workflows to increase the speed of operations.

Fortinet ranks as Magic Quadrant Leader

Fortinet has been named as the Leader and achieved the highest overall position for the ability to execute in the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for SD-WAN.

Fortinet Solutions

Security Driven Networking

With the rapid expansion of attack surfaces and creation of new network edges, including LAN, WAN, 5G, remote workers, and clouds, security has become a top priority for many organisations. Fortinet's Security-Driven Networking approach is the industry's only converged networking and security platform. It effectively defends today's highly dynamic environments while enabling better productivity. Fortinet's unified offering is consistently available with flexible deployment models and validates Forrester's Zero Trust Edge strategy to consistently secure the hybrid workforce with a better user experience.

Next Generation Firewall Protection

The FortiGate network security platform is the core component of Secure Networking. It's powered by the FortiOS operating system and purpose-built security processors (SPUs), which enable complete convergence of networking and security.

A broad offering of SD-WAN, NGFW, SWG, ZTNA enforcement, LAN edge, and wireless WAN 5G/LTE are available to deploy on any network edge. Real-time protection against known and unknown threats is achieved with FortiGuard security services.

Secure SaaS for the Digital Era

As more organisations adopt SaaS, the risk of Shadow IT increases. FortiSASE Secure SaaS Access provides comprehensive visibility and granular control over SaaS applications to stop data exfiltration, identify risky apps, and secure sensitive data across both managed and unmanaged devices. FortiSASE provides next-generation CASB that uses dual-mode monitoring to identify key SaaS applications while reporting risky applications to overcome Shadow IT challenges. It also offers granular control of applications to secure sensitive data and detect and remediate malware in applications across both managed and unmanaged devices.