How it works

To help support our Sales team in their search for new business opportunities, we seek your help to refer your known contacts within ‘new name’ organizations that could benefit from our services.  We would like to reward people who help us achieve our commercial goals and hence have implemented an Employee Sales Referral Scheme which pays a referral commission to employees who introduce a lead that results in a successful sale.

With our employee sales referral scheme, you can help us reach new customers through your personal contacts.

If you know someone who works within an organization that may benefit from our services and solutions, you can now connect us with them directly. By using the form below, you can provide the team with the details to reach their contact so that we may get in touch.

If you have a friend, family member, or associate that is part of their employers’ telephony discussion, we’d love to hear about it. You can earn upto 0.5% commission on the first-year opportunity’s gross margin, based on any projects that are successfully completed as a result of your introduction!

Employee Sales Referral Criteria

For a referral to qualify it must adhere to the following criteria:Is not a current active customer or prospect with an open opportunity on Salesforce

Referral Details



    For employees to receive the commission the following terms must be satisfied:

    • Director level employees and above and the Sales department are not eligible to participate.
    • The referral commission is 0.5% Gross Margin of the first-year opportunity.
    • The payment will be paid via payroll following customer sign off on project completion. The payment is subject to normal PAYE deductions.
    • There is no limit on the number of referrals that an employee can make.
    • The referred customer should not be an active customer or prospect with an open opportunity on Salesforce.
    • The referral should be an individual with influencing or decision-making responsibility for Fournet services.
    • You must provide the name, company name, job title, work telephone and email address of the contact.
    • You must have had a conversation with your contact to introduce Fournet and ascertain that they are happy to receive a call from us.
    • The scheme is effective from 1st December 2020 and applies to all referrals from this date onwards.
    • In the event of a successful referral, a member of the Finance team will be in touch once the work is approved.
    • Where the referring employees’ contract of employment is under notice of termination (whether given by the employer or the employee) at the time the payment is due, we retain full discretion not to make the payment.