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Our long standing FourNet customer is an emergency services provider within the UK.  They handle 999 calls, urgent requests from healthcare professionals, and non-emergency 111 services across parts of South England

The client requested urgent assistance from FourNet, which already supports mission critical 999 and 111 services, to replace a legacy cloud-based platform for remote working clinicians so that they could continue offering support, anytime and anywhere, to the ambulance service’s non-emergency patients. 

FourNet sped up its usual project sprint timelines to deliver cloud based RingCentral solution in record time. The new cloud-based service was up and running smoothly in just 10 days and was 30% cheaper than competitors.

RingCentral enables all calls to be recorded and then, as a result of the client’s patient requirements, to be ingested to another platform which FourNet provides, which allows central and local recording of all telephony services for patients. With RingCentral, clinicians can easily alter their outbound dialling number – allowing flexibility for patient callbacks.  

RingCentral provides five nines availability, is delivered from UK data centres and thanks to FourNet’s strong partnership with RingCentral, was delivered in record time and under budget compared to the previous 3rd party system renewal. RingCentral is easily integrated into Microsoft Teams to replace legacy back-office telephony solutions. 


We were delighted to be able to deliver a new RingCentral Cloud Based solution to the client in just over a week, and to do so 30% cheaper than our competitors. As one of our long-standing customers, we pulled out all the stops to ensure this project was delivered as quickly as possible.

We are proud to have worked extremely closely with emergency service providers to ensure that their critical requests got the special care and attention they deserved.

Ben Ryland

Head of Public Sector, FourNet

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