The Challenge

Like many other businesses relying on communications, wealth structuring company Hawksford knew it could benefit from a more efficient telephony solution. The key to this was having the capability and functionality to match its commitment to providing excellent service and an ambitious business expansion programme.

From a field of ten candidates, Hawksford chose Nowcomm, now a FourNet business, to provide a three-year managed-services contract based on Cisco’s Unified Communications Manager.

As a company expanding actively, both organically and through acquisition, Hawksford also needed a communications solution that could deliver consistent and robust telephony across several jurisdictions. From its HQ in Jersey to Zurich, Asia and beyond. The company wanted to partner with a supplier which would share its passion for customer service, and which could react quickly and flexibly to a changing environment.

Hawksford worked closely with Obrar Consulting to issue a request for a proposal that set out both the technical and service requirements. Obrar also continued to provide advice throughout the tender evaluation process.

The Solution

The proposal was based on a partnership approach around developing the right solution and providing managed services. It was chosen out of an initial field of ten respondents based on our expertise in deploying and supporting Cisco Unified Communications, and in the light of its proven flexibility in working with similar dynamic and changing organisations.
The contract awarded to Nowcomm, now a FourNet business was for a
three-year managed service offer incorporating:

“¢ Cisco Unified Communications Manager running as a virtualised server
“¢ Cisco Unified Computing servers

“¢ Cisco Unity Voicemail

“¢ Cisco Unified Presence

“¢ Cisco Unified Personal Communicator clients

“¢ Redbox Recorders Call Recording

“¢ MIND CTI PhonEx One Call Logging

“¢ RightFax, Fax Server

Our ability to cope with the unexpected was well and truly put to the test when Hawksford acquired another company half way through the upgrade process.

Hawksford is an award winning, successful and leading independent wealth-structuring company specialising in preserving and enhancing wealth. Based in Jersey, its clients range from small and large corporates to ultra-high net-worth individuals, including well known global sporting and entertainment stars.

The company saw an excellent opportunity to update its telephone system while improving customer care, enabling the mobility of its staff, and reducing operating costs through embracing the very latest IP-based communication systems with advanced features, such as integrated Instant Messaging (IM) and Presence.

During the initial deployment phase, Hawksford completed the acquisition of Jersey-based trust and corporate services provider, Trustcorp. This meant moving additional staff into its head office within a very short period, with an urgent need for new infrastructure.

We demonstrated our flexibility by quickly
revising the deployment plans while still delivering the project on time.

The Outcomes

Hawksford is now enjoying more efficient and reliable communications at lower cost, both inside and outside the company. The company has been able to connect its expanding global organisation with the same consistent and sophisticated infrastructure across its international operations. The mobility and flexibility of Hawksford’s people has increased with closer integration of fixed and mobile telephony. Presence functionality is helping Hawksford to further improve customer service and responsiveness

The solution has also enabled it to meet regulatory compliance requirements around call reporting and recording. “The new Cisco based solution has given us the flexibility we needed to support our growth and deliver the levels of care our customers expect”, said Carl Huelin, Business Enablement Manager at Hawksford “The managed service approach gives me the time to concentrate on supporting the business instead of worrying about supporting our network and communications infrastructure”.

To make sure that Hawksford’s infrastructure continues to run smoothly around the clock and deliver these benefits in all their international locations, We are using real-time and historical utilisation information to deliver a comprehensive network support and remote monitoring service.

Work is also in hand with Hawksford’s IT team to optimise existing infrastructure as well as planning for the future. In a volatile and uncertain financial world, wealth structuring and management can’t stand still. Hawksford now has the cutting edge unified communications infrastructure to react fast and keep pace with change.