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New technology was key to the UK government’s three-year project to streamline and modernise the department systems. The reform project focused on centralising the administrative processing of cases into dedicated centres, thereby freeing up courts and tribunals staff to concentrate on trials and hearings, while providing value for money for taxpayers.

The multiple service centres across the UK are the first port of call for citizens wanting information from our clients database – with staff answering calls, emails, and online queries more quickly, efficiently and reliably.

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An integrated Knowledge Management system delivers relevant guidance and articles to case workers while they are engaged with citizens.  Automation and self-service options are integral to the solution, using speech recognition, natural language and voice biometrics to streamline citizen’s engagement.

A survey conducted by HMCTS showed over 80% of citizens rated their call as being very good or good, over 80% felt their query was answered first time and over 90% said they were listened to and treated with respect.


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HMCTS Service Centres: Making a Real Difference

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