The FourNet CARiNA recorder is Versatile and easy to use, it is an innovative call and screen recording solution which allows you to reliably record, store and effortlessly play back all of your business calls and associated screen activity. The CARINA recorder is integrated with several Telephony platforms Including Avaya, Mitel and Microsoft Teams. The CARiNA recorder has passed compatibility testing with the Avaya AURA and IP Office systems and is supported by Avaya pursuant to the Devconnect program.


The CARINA recorder can work in a simplex configuration or Dual Data Centre Active/ Active configuration.

The Dual Data centre configuration consists of two active recorders both recording calls in unison. The recorded call will exist on both recorders for resilience.

The recorders may be hosted on Physical Hardware, Virtualised Private Servers or Public Cloud Servers. FourNet can provide solutions for all options. FourNet can offer options for long-term low cost storage including NAS and Public Cloud storage.

The CARiNA User interface is known as the “Central Playback Server’ the Central

Playback Server has a database of pointers to the location of the recordings. In an Active/Active configuration one of the recorders is nominated as the Primary Recorder, the Central Playback Server will play recordings from the primary recorder unless the primary recorder is down, in which case the recording will be used. It is also possible to archive recordings to long-term storage. The Central Playback Server will play recordings from the long- term storage, though the access time will be slower than on-line storage. FourNet can supply and support NAS storage, immutable storage or tape storage to meet customer references.



CARINA integrates closely with Avaya AURA and IP Office; it also integrates with Mitel, Shoretel, Cisco and Openscape platforms. CARINA is also able to record calls directly from most SBC’s using the SIP-REC protocol.

CARiNA now also records UC sessions on the Microsoft Teams platform; this includes desk to desk voice, video and shared content. it is also able to record conference room sessions including all participant voice, video, shared content and meeting room chat.

This means that CARiNA is very effective in a mixed technology environment. A single pane of glass can be used to record and playback content from multiple telephone system, Teams Direct routing and native teams content.

The Central Playback Server has a versatile and intuitive Quality Evaluation tool which enables sampling of recordings for use in employee performance reviews, training needs evaluation and customer satisfaction review.

It is also possible to group recordings into an “Incident”, and sort them by the date/ time recorder to promote understanding of complex interactions over many hours or days.

The Central Playback Server has a flexible role-based permissions approach to ensure that staff only get access to content to which they are entitled; users can also be organised into teams for ease of configuration.

The CARiNA Teams recording BoT is hosted in Microsoft Azure. The BoT federates with a customers Teams Domain to allow access to native Teams UC activity.

The Central Playback Server also provides a powerful Dashboard; this is powerful for customers receiving a large of volume of calls, it allows customer to see when patterns are forming, and can give an overview of the volume of calls by day and team, the average duration and even highlight unusually long or short calls.