What is Customer Experience (CX)?

Customer experience is the perception a customer gains of a brand or service from all the dealings they have with an organisation, brand or service – from product quality to customer service, from digital or face-to-face exchanges to delivery and complaints. It’s the sum of all interactions between an organisation and a customer.

With advancements in technology and culture with platforms such as social media at customers’ disposal, good CX is now more important than ever. The news of bad customer experiences travels fast and negative attitudes can result in loss of business, lack of trust in services, and bad PR.

Citizen, tenant and consumer experience

This isn’t just about consumer facing brands whose customers have a multitude of choices. Customer experience is essential for all sectors: CX in the public sector is a powerful tool for achieving mission outcomes, increasing employee engagement, improving service delivery and building trust with citizens.

In the private sector, CX is a driving factor in encouraging customer retention, positive brand reinforcement and ultimately, repeated business.

Increasing customer expectations

Customers have increasingly high expectations and demands. Digital technology has helped to raise customer expectations partly because of the speed and convenience of online transactions and interactions, as well as a raft of self-service features which customers have no trouble using.

With the increasing availability of new, innovative technology services have become almost instant. The standard of customer expectations are now higher than ever. Quick resolutions to problems through a diverse range of communication channels are not just vital from a business operation perspective, they are expected by the customer.

Customer expectations and businesses that paved the way:
Paypal transformed how we pay for things; Amazon have reset customer expectations about convenience; Uber and Deliveroo mean we expect everything instantly; Apple changed the game in customer service.

Making the case for investment

What do customers want?

Customers know what they want and have higher expectations than ever before.

Diversifying your customer touch points by enabling technology such as speech recognition, artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbots can be an effective way to quickly resolve customer issues without putting too much strain on your contact centre. Technology helps by minimising long call waiting times, enabling the customer to resolve issues themselves and educates customers on how to resolve issues themselves when they can.
The use of AI, chatbots and other advancing technologies can be a simple and cost-efficient way to offer convenience to customers and improve overall customer experience. All the while allowing your agents to dedicate more of their time to customers who require additional support.

If that’s not possible then they expect longer, more convenient opening hours.

Customers also have less tolerance for lack of available contact and support when, where and how they want it. They expect a swift response to their queries or problems: 66% of customers expect a response the same day, while 40% expect a reply within an hour.

They are generally happy for their data to be used to ensure they are dealt with as individuals not just as ‘another customer’, and for their previous history and preferences to be known so they can be offered assistance based on their habits and background. That means agents need access to past interactions and details.

They also assume that contact centre agents have visibility of their previous exchanges using various methods of communication.

Nearly two thirds of customers change their contact channel depending on where they are and what they are doing at the time. But they expect the same, consistent service no matter how they get in touch.

If customers don’t get what they want they’ll complain, and quickly.
They also have high expectations about that service too.

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