An outstanding place to work

Awarded the 2 Star accreditation from Best Companies, FourNet has been recognised for its outstanding levels of employee engagement.

This demonstrates the importance we place on the inclusion and well-being of our people, and that we genuinely value their feedback.

At FourNet, we understand the need for employees to feel motivated and empowered in order to thrive and drive team success.

We are committed to the ongoing development and support of our workforce, and cultivate an environment where open communication is encouraged.

Solutions not problems

The world is full of problems, but FourNet is full of people who love solving problems. Engineers, customer service, pre-sales and solutions; there’s nothing we like more than a challenge.

When there’s a gremlin in the matrix, we don’t see it as a problem. We see an opportunity to come up with a solution for, a puzzle to solve. We work on a personal level to solve our customers’ problems collaboratively.

The thing that gives FourNet its edge is our challenger spirit. It’s the thing that drives us to go the extra mile, challenge the status quo, and gives us the flexibility to grab opportunities and stay at the forefront of the industry. The unique thing about FourNet is that we have managed to hold on to that spirit even as we’ve grown.

How we work

What sets us apart is the human touch – this is what propels us and keeps customers coming back. We encourage a culture of teamwork within teams, across the business, collaboratively with our partners and as an extension of our customers’ in-house teams.

We want people who are problem solvers. People who share the same objectives as our customers and work with them to deliver their goals.

Resilience, autonomy, honesty, independence and integrity – that’s what it takes to thrive at FourNet. We’ll support you, train you and develop you to help you grow your career at FourNet. We’re fast-paced and challenging but we also have a lot of fun.


“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”  

That quote has been attributed to more than one person. But at FourNet, we all truly live it.  

We create the future day by day. Constantly re-inventing our customers’ businesses. We imagine new solutions for problems that, sometimes, don’t even yet exist. We’ve perfected the art of listening. 

Our ability to truly listen and create solutions allows us, within a rapidly shifting world, to transform our customers’ businesses and help them excel. FourNet doesn’t just sell a product, or a service, we develop carefully curated solutions.  

Our innovators help customers stay ahead of the curve. By transforming our clients’ communications systems, we help them transform the world.

Problem Solvers

When customers choose a FourNet solution, they know it’ll work. Simple as that.  And if there is an issue, they know it’ll be sorted soon. That’s because FourNet keeps things running. We’re always ready to help.  

There’s a reason why customers who absolutely must have reliable networks, choose us. We know what we’re doing. We know what the customer needs to do. We have the solution.  

At FourNet we don’t see problems; we see opportunities to develop new solutions. We don’t have tricky issues; we have interesting challenges.  We don’t get stumped; we figure it out. It’s a question of attitude. 

We think on our feet. Stay flexible. Experiment with new ideas. Find new solutions to new problems. Make things that work.  

We’re looking for others who think the way we do, and who can help us keep delivering for our customers.

Job Vacancies

We’re always on the lookout for great talent, please check out our current vacancies or click here to submit your CV.

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Apprentice Systems Engineer


The primary function will be to ensure FourNet continues to deliver exceptional service to our end customers. The applicant will be trained on Avaya IPO, CM and Enghouse EICC Platforms. The role will involve a mixture of Installation, Maintenance and Service Desk activities. Ongoing training will be provided to keep the individual up to date with the latest Technology and cross-training to cover FourNet's Technical Portfolio.

Government Shared Service Engineer (Avaya)


FourNet have built a business unit based in Central London to deliver projects and ongoing support to several large central government organisations. Due to these successes FourNet have a requirement for someone to join our Government Shared Service team as a dual skilled; support and professional services engineer dedicated to the central government projects. The Government Shared Service Engineers primary role will be to ensure FourNet deliver continued exceptional service to all our customers and will have the opportunity to work on Avaya’s latest offerings such as Equinox client. This role will require the Engineer to be on call on a 1 in 4 week (minimum) basis.

Senior Avaya Blue Engineer

UK Based

The primary job function will be to ensure FourNet continue to deliver and support exceptional solutions to our customers. Ongoing training will be provided to keep the individual up to date with the latest technologies and cross training to cover the FourNet technical portfolio.

Senior Professional Services Engineer

UK Based

The primary job functions will be to ensure FourNet continues to deliver exceptional Avaya Aura, SIP, and remote worker solutions to our customers.