As a result of the new working landscape, with remote and hybrid working an everyday feature of life and business, there has been a convergence of all aspects of IT. Organisations now require an efficient, easily managed and secure underlying network, across multiple locations and hybrid working environments. By acquiring IT infrastructure and security specialists, C>Ways, FourNet now has the people, the skills, the experience and the team to provide top to bottom secure infrastructure to new and existing customers. For more see this blog by our CEO Richard Pennington.

It will mean access to an enhanced service of products, partners and solutions for existing C>Ways customers. Our merged teams will embark on a swift integration of the businesses at all levels and while the C>Ways branding will disappear in time, all Directors and Employees (including Nick Jackson) and existing customers move over to FourNet where they can be assured of a warm welcome. You can read more in our media announcement, here.

This acquisition accelerates our ability to deliver on new services already in FourNet’s portfolio. It will help us to build new services and to become a leader in delivering secure infrastructure for all our public sector and enterprise customers, existing and new. Our merged teams will embark on a swift integration of the business at all levels.

Yes, the old @cways.co.uk addresses will continue to work for the time being, over time they will be transition to @fournet.co.uk email addresses but emails to the C>Ways addresses will be forwarded.

The Wykeham North Yorkshire Office will remain as it is now, and the London Office will be merged with FourNet’s city office in Whitehall by the 1st July 2022.

Our objective is to have the first phase of integration with integrated finance and systems done for 1st of July 2022 in line with FourNet’s financial year and retire the C>Ways brand at this point.  Account management and customer service contacts and processes will remain the same so customers should experience no change in service and support.

Yes, you can be assured of the same familiar faces.

Until 1 July 2022 you will continue to receive invoices from the same C>Ways contacts.  After 1st July 2022, customer invoices will be received from accountsreceivable@fournet.co.uk and supplier communications will come from accountspayable@fournet.co.uk