The problem

In September 2013, FourNet were approached to design and install of a CCTV solution for the Old Trafford district of Manchester. The solution had to be resilient, expandable and installed in multiple high-rise residential buildings throughout the area.

The Solution

Always keen to with innovative solutions, FourNet chose market leading technologies to compliment this solution. The Axis IP cameras offered superb video performance, delivering 30fps at 1 megapixel, day and night. Our central monitoring system offered camera control and live feed transmission for all cameras at all locations.
All of this was possible due to the high-speed wireless network, which allowed data to be transmitted to the remote live central monitoring and storage location. In addition to this, the entire solution was future proofed for expansion with minimal financial commitment.
Photo of a row of brand new empty houses for sale on a housing development.

Return on Investment

Overall, we were successful in meeting each and every one of the requirements presented to us, in a timely and cost-effective manner.