Manage increased customer and employee expectations

The rising expectations of both customers and employees has made the task of forecasting and scheduling your workforce exponentially harder. Workforce Management tools from FourNet give you the ability to give your employees a solution that enables them to balance their work responsibilities with the rest of their busy lives whilst ensuring you are appropriately resourced to deliver great customer experience.

Agent experience

Retaining and managing a high-quality workforce is more challenging than ever. Today’s contact centre employees demand flexible schedules, meaningful work and remote or hybrid work options. With the Great Resignation and the buoyancy of the job market, you will lose your best agents if you cannot accommodate these needs.

FourNet Workforce Management systems provides the flexibility your employees need to balance their work responsibilities with the rest of their busy lives. Our solutions includes mobile apps for both agents and supervisors where employees can easily manage their schedule on the go.

Automated approval rules empower agents to quickly make schedule adjustments from their mobile devices without affecting service levels.

Back Office Workforce Management

Workforce Management solutions have traditionally focused on contact centre, retail and hospitality environments, however, in the majority of organisations the back office has far more employees than its customer facing staff. FourNet can help you adopt Workforce Management software in your back office and branch network, enabling your organisation to efficiently manage your whole workforce.

Our back-office Workforce Management tools offer:

Backlog and Ageing

Our WFM systems account for volume and age of work in the backlog to prioritise how employees spend their time

Activity-Based Scheduling

Back office scheduling focuses resources on specific production activities for blocks of time that align with work arrivals, volumes and deadlines.

Robust Employee Scheduling and Location Planning

Branch offices and distributed service centres must factor in many role types, regional float pools and roaming specialists who cover multiple locations.

Workforce Management
in the Cloud

Our cloud based WFM solutions offer a more secure, reliable and powerful experience. The benefits of utilising a cloud based WFM solution include:

  • Experience new releases without upgrade expenses or hassle
  • Add more users or enable new features quickly
  • Reduce the financial and technical burden on your IT organisation
  • Strengthen security, performance and reliability
  • Leverage market-leading high availability platform

FourNet can deliver the same capabilities for cloud and on-premises. Our open, API-first architecture works with any contact centre solution you choose. That means you never have to settle for feature limitations when moving to the cloud.

FourNet WFM
health checks

For those organisations who are already using Workforce Management tools FourNet can offer a Health Check solution to optimise their existing deployment. A properly optimised WFM solution delivers reduced agent attrition, improved net promoter scores, more efficiency from your most expensive asset, more accurate forecasts and schedules that better match requirements to results.