Secure network infrastructure for voice and data connectivity

Increased resilience, transparency and control
Reduced cost, time to provision and firefighting
Improved security, responsiveness and real time visibility

Secure, resilient and flexible communications infrastructure from FourNet.

One port of call

FourNet Next Gen Network Services provide a single point of call for all your connectivity requirements: voice, wireless, mobile, LAN, WAN and software-defined networking (SD-WAN). Complete ownership and accountability for all your networking and communications requirements.

Trusted for the UK’s most critical communications, when security, reliability and resilience really matter.

The risk of getting it wrong

Find out how FourNet can help you build an efficient, managed network infrastructure to protect from the risks of financial losses, reputational damage and providing unreliable services.


UK businesses lose 60m hours a year to connectivity failures


Of UK businesses suffered connectivity failures last year


Of UK businesses suffered connectivity failures last year


ISDN switch off

How we work

FourNet offers specialist consultation from first engagement, ensuring you have a fully detailed and documented solution providing you with full transparency and visibility. This means that you have a fail-safe and scalable network infrastructure solution that is easy to understand.

With a dedicated professional services team to assist on any Network Services deployment, FourNet works collaboratively with our customers to help with planning, ordering and implementation,

Our Intelligent Managed Services can then take over the full monitoring and running of your network infrastructure or we can provide you with full network monitoring capabilities. A single pane of glass enables you to view the status of the entire estate, identify potential bottlenecks or sites where there is insufficient bandwidth or conversely too much bandwidth.

Benefits of FourNet Secure Network Infrastructure Solutions

One port of call

Ownership and accountability from FourNet; from health checks & network design, authentication & authorisation, provisioning, security, vendor and inventory management. FourNet provides centralised monitoring and management for all your network infrastructure.


FourNet works with the widest range of best-of-breed partners across the whole technology stack to provide our customers with both choice and commercial benefits. We have the relationships and the scale to escalate and resolve customer issues quickly.


Access to 15+ tail providers ensures we can provide customers with access to the best commercials, resilient options and improved circuit delivery times. We offer a range of access technologies and choice of network speeds on dedicated connectivity.


FourNet's expertise is in making the complex simple: integrating multiple systems and networks. We can help transition our customers' networks, creating and implementing a roadmap based on their business goals.


FourNet protects our customers' voice, data and mobile network infrastructure via both physical and virtual security measures. Encryption, session border controllers and fraud management measures ensure maximum security of your phone system, mobiles and data infrastructure; protecting your business from being hacked.


FourNet next generation platforms ensure that customers' voice and data networks always have a routing plan for disaster recovery and business continuity. Routing functionality to the cloud adds an extra layer of resilience to on-prem and hosted systems.

"As part of SECAmb's response to COVID-19, the Trust urgently needed to enable clinical and 111 contact centre staff to work remotely while also providing a social distancing solution in the office. Additionally, the Trust required an urgent increase in its contact centre ability to undertake 111 call-backs.

FourNet's rapid response to this critical need, and the professionalism of its support, service and delivery teams ensured that we received full back-up in the ever-changing and challenging situation caused by this unprecedented situation. Massive thank you to the whole FourNet Team!"

Howard Jeffery

IT Services Specialist, South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust

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