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Enabling the delivery of shared services across the public sector with FourNet's Community Cloud

FourNet's Community Cloud platform offers public sector bodies, housing associations and not-for-profit organisations a shared communications and contact centre platform. This shared technology removes the barriers to collaborating and enables the sharing of scarce resources and services.

The financial challenges facing the public sector have led
many local authorities and other not-for-profit bodies to
consider collaborative working as a means to drive efficiencies.

Therefore, at a time of reducing budgets and employee resources, organisations are looking to new technology to transform communications and reduce the cost of access to and delivery of services.

What is Community Cloud?

FourNet’s Community Cloud is a pioneering shared collaboration and contact centre platform for councils and other public sector organisations across the UK. It provides access to a modern digital platform that’s both affordable and efficient, and hands citizens more control over the services they receive and access to the information they need.

The Community Cloud enables effective collaborative working across the public sector, it encourages public sector bodies to share services and engage in greater collaboration. It creates greater integration between central government, local authorities, housing associations and health board services while reducing costs for individual organisations.

FourNet’s Community Cloud platform addresses the challenges of reduced budgets and increasing citizen expectations, making access to new communications technologies more affordable and less risky for the public sector.

Services via the Community Cloud

The Community Cloud platform provides a range of communications, collaboration and contact centre capabilities. A contact centre capable of handling calls and multi-channel communications through voice, email, webchat, SMS and social media. Fully integrated collaboration capabilities that bring citizen facing and back office employees together: presence and IM, audio and video conferencing, screen and document sharing. One shared service across any number of geographic locations: office, hub or home.

It allows public sector bodies to test out new technology in a less risky manner, with shared costs and collaborative working and greater flexibility to share the burden of new technological and communications developments. Cloud-based capabilities allow for greater remote working and provide greater recruitment opportunities in remote communities, without any adverse impact on services.

Subscribers to the Community Cloud can take all or any of the services available via the platform

Benefits of Community Cloud

Available to all public sector bodies, FourNet's Community Cloud enhances services for citizens and provides better and more efficient ways of working for employees. Reduces costs and enables greater collaboration. Increases mobility and remote working opportunities. Improves resilience and disaster recovery.

Meet Changing Citizen Expectations

Respond to growing citizen demand for simplified and multi-channel access both within and across the public sector.

Cost Savings and value for money

Typical savings of 20%+ over 3 years with an evergreen platform that is constantly updated with new functionality compared to a traditional on-premise, capex solutions with stagnant capabilities.

Increased Operational Efficiency

Increase the efficiency of your contact centre agents by using AI and Chatbots to automate simple, non-value-add activities and reduce time to serve

Pathway To Increased Collaboration

Shared technology infrastructure removes barriers to the development of collaborative and regional services. Enable collaborative working from any location: office, hub or home.

Share Scarce Resources & Skills

Shared access to different language skills or limited business support expertise via the shared technology platform.

Increase Operational Resilience

FourNet cloud solutions deliver disaster recovery and business continuity benefits as standard; agents and back office employees can be switched to remote working instantly; services can be redirected to partners in the event of office closure or reduced staffing levels.

Trusted by many

"The experience of working with FourNet Technologies on the ANTENNA project has been excellent. Our teams have achieved the implementation of unified communication services across Government within a timescale not seen before."

Malcolm Coates MBE
Director of ICT, Prime Minister's Office

"FourNet's innovative design and tailor-made service will help to transform the digital services of local government and the public sector in Wales, and we look forward to many more councils and public sector bodies joining us in Connecting Wales."

Rob Thomas
Managing Director at Vale of Glamorgan Council

Features & Functionality

Cloud Contact Centre

A best-of-breed contact centre solution capable of handling multi-channel enquiries (voice, email, webchat, SMS, social media) enquiries in a shared service, across multiple geographic locations. The cloud solution creates virtual contact centres across multiple sites to maximise capacity for shared services or as a potential overflow service: when resources are stretched for one public sector body, another can pick up the enquiry.


Multi-channel options for communication with telephony, SMS, email, webchat and social media integration as standard with agents dealing with all methods of communication via a single interface. Introduce and integrate new digital channels of communication enabling citizens to access the information and self-serve; thereby freeing agent time to focus on more complex or critical issues.

Remote working

Enable back office employees and contact centre agents to work and collaborate from anywhere. FourNet's Community Cloud enables councils and other public sector bodies to create virtual contact centres thereby maximising capability for remote working. Agents can be employed to work from home with no detrimental impact on the service offered by individual councils, and greater overflow possibilities at times of peak demand. This capability has been critical during the lockdown phases of COVID-19.

Self-service AI

Automated voice and messaging enables citizens to intuitively self-serve for low complexity, low-risk enquiries where no employee intervention is required. The Community Cloud solution is AI chatbot enabled, allowing citizens much greater freedom to access services without the need to involve a human agent. Chatbots are integrated into CRM or Knowledge Management systems to automatically provide answers.

Workforce Management

Forecasting demand and matching available resource to deliver the best outcome for citizens. WFO helps improve the performance of contact centres by maximising and managing stretched resources more efficiently, in turn providing a better outcome and more efficient service for customers. WFO ensures that the right resources are in place at the right time, that all channels are optimised, and with greater co-ordination and resolution. Sharing existing resource planning expertise means that centres of expertise can share skills with other public sector bodies creating immediate benefits from reduced operating costs and increased speed of response to citizens.

Contact Recording and QM

Record voice and media contacts within the contact centre or back office environments. Empower supervisors to score performance against KPI scorecards.

Collaboration and conferencing

In addition to contact centre capabilities, the Community Cloud also enables councils and other public sector organisations to trial and quickly roll out the latest unified communications capabilities. Combining telephony, presence and instant messaging, audio and video conferencing with the ability to screenshare, the solution integrates all communications channels within an organisation to increase productivity and efficiency.

Shared language access

Councils, housing associations and other not-for-profit bodies are dealing with citizens, clients and tenants for whom English is not a first language. The FourNet Community Cloud can be used to share access to scarce language resources between public sector bodies. Community Cloud works with most languages, enabling enquiries to be routed to the agent with the appropriate language skills amongst partners. Under Connecting Wales, Welsh-speaking enquiries can be routed to agents across other councils, providing an important shared Welsh language service and maintaining a high level of customer experience. The platform also enables remote working allowing for greater recruitment in Welsh-speaking areas but enabling these citizens to stay in their own community and work remotely.

Public Sector connectivity

FourNet's Community Cloud is on-net with the PSN, HSCN and PBSA networks which means that implementation of FourNet's Community Cloud is swift and secure.

FourNet’s Community Cloud aligns people, process and technology behind a common vision. Our consultants and business analysts will work with you to understand your current ways of working and the business goals you are aiming to achieve. We will share best practice from our current customers and will work with you to build your business case and demonstrate the value for money and ROI from a FourNet Community Cloud solution.

Our solutions architects will create the technology roadmap for the integration of your existing systems and the adoption plan for future features and functionality. Our professional services and project management team support the delivery of the project every step of the way. Once the project is fully implemented, we complete a comprehensive service transition to our service desk who can then fully manage the service going forward or support your in-house team.

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