The impact of Covid-19 is mounting, politically, economically, culturally and socially. But while many yearn for a return to normal, others are considering what the new normal could, and should, look like.

Our new study analyses what this new normal will mean for organisations, how they can be prepared for the future, and more importantly how they can embrace this new way of working.

A successful work from home experiment?

We look at how the new way of working can become an opportunity to make cost savings and an opportunity to allow for a more long-term strategic shift towards remote working.

Moving on from the Covid-19 pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic sent shockwaves across Britain and around the globe. Some organisations are further ahead than others on the technology curve, are businesses prepared to adopt cutting-edge technology to continue operations and improve productivity with a remote working model?

How might the new norm look?

Working from home is here to stay. It will become a regular feature of weekly life for more employees and contact centre agents than ever before. That means businesses, public sector organisations and contact centres need to be better prepared, utilising technology to bridge the gaps.

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